7+ BEST NFL Mock Draft Simulators for 2022-23 [Ranked]

If you’re looking for the best NFL mock draft simulators, you’re in the right place.

We’ll look through the best NFL mock draft simulators on the market currently, so you can get a feel for where prospects could go and put yourself in the role of GM.

It’s a great way to interact with new names and learn more about the upcoming crop of NFL talent.

Some even provide their own grades, just as the media often does when teams make their picks.

Let’s take a look at the best NFL mock draft simulators on the market.

Best NFL Mock Draft Simulators

#1 PFF

PFF is one of the best mock draft simulators.

Its customizable mock draft simulator gives you the chance to be the GM for any team in the NFL Draft.

You can draft players and also receive and execute trades.

PFF’s trade engine has been widely criticized as being too lenient.

Will they make it more realistic this year?

#2 Pro Football Network

PFN hosts a draft simulator similar to PFF’s.

Be the GM of any team, or more than one team, and receive and execute trades.

PFN’s trade simulator is more realistic than PFF’s.

However, their prospect rankings often lag and drafts are simulated without updates to more realistic draft grades.

You can also adjust the speed at which the draft goes. This means that if a prospect you like is still available, you can react and try to trade up before another team snaps him up.

The prospect scouting report summaries are also helpful in deciding who to draft if you have to make a pick but aren’t familiar with the prospects available. (Not all prospects have summaries, especially if they’re lower-rated prospects. By the 5th or 6th round, missing summaries are common.)

Like PFF, you’ll receive a summary of your draft picks at the conclusion of the mock draft.

best mock draft simulators

PFF will grade your picks; PFN will not.

#3 The Draft Network

The Draft Network is a popular NFL draft site that gives you the chance to do your own mock drafts.

You can choose to be the GM of your favorite team or of several teams.

#4 NFL Mock Draft Database

The NFL Mock Draft Simulator allows you to become the GM of your favorite team or teams and take control of the draft room.

#5 Fanspeak

Most mock drafts are similar.

Where they differ is how up-to-date and realistic their prospect rankings are, the quality of their trade engine, the graphics, and the overall experience.

What’s nice is that they do tend to get a bit better each year.

#6 RiseNDraft

The RiseNDraft simulator isn’t as well-known as the others.

But it offers the same basic functionalities as the more popular ones.

#7 Sports Illustrated

Even the big guys are getting involved in mock drafts.

Sports Illustrated also allows fans to take over a team and make draft moves and trades to build the roster.

#8 First-pick.com

First-pick has a fun simulator where you can act as your favorite team and get scored by the sim.

Letter grades and numeric scores are assigned to all your picks.

Throughout the game, it provides pick suggestions.

first-pick.com draft game mock draft simulator

Which mock draft simulator is best?

Right now, we’ll go with Pro Football Focus (PFF), so we’ve ranked them #1.

Their prospect grades are the most up-to-date, which is key to the accuracy of any draft simulator.


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