What Kind of Content do People Consume During the Day?

What Kind of Content do People Consume During the Day?

If you create and share any type of content, you probably asked yourself at least once what’s the best time of the day to post.

We will answer that question. And it’s quite straightforward.

First, let’s make a distinction between two main types of content:

“Virtue” content

This is educational or value-adding content, such as a financial article or a marketing case study.

“Vice” content

This is content that gives immediate gratification, such as memes, a flash sale, entertaining content.

So, when should you post what?

The study, took in analysis 7,604,530 Twitter likes, 139,151 Twitter follows and found out that:

  • In the morning, people engage more with virtuous content.
  • Later during the day, people want to be entertained, hence, the consumption of vice content increases.

And this is true even for weekends and for content not related to a person’s job.

Why is that?

We must consider the following points:

  • People consume content for two main reasons: to get immediate pleasure or to learn something.
  • Our self-control declines during the day, especially on hot days. And mixed reasons cause this phenomenon.
  • When self-control lowers, we look for instant gratification, so we tend to watch Netflix or read gossip magazines rather than go through a financial newsletter.

What can you bring home?

  • Divide your content into educating and entertaining. And post accordingly.
  • This isn’t just true for social media, but any type of content.
  • Even though you create virtue content, you should still try to inject entertainment in it, to facilitate its consumption.

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