David Ogivly – Lessons from ‘How to Create Advertising That Sells’

Decades ago, David Ogivly ran an advertisement titled “How to create advertising that sells”.

Not only is the ad a great example of informative promotion, but it also contains plenty of valuable tips that are still useful in today’s digital era.

Let’s take a look.

The most important decision

Before creating any ad draft, the first decision you should make is how you position your product as this is way more impactful on sales than how you write the advertising.

Research will help you decide which is the better way to position your product.

The second most important decision

What you promise to the customer. A promise is not a claim or a slogan.

It’s the benefit you provide. And it pays to provide a benefit that is unique and competitive.

You need a big idea to jolt consumers out of their indifference.

Nobody wants to be bored into buying

Talk like a human being, charm them, make them hungry. Make them feel involved in the story your ad is telling.

Psychological segmentation

Most brands know how to position their products based on different demographic segments of their target market.

But what works even better is positioning your product based on psychological segments.

News always lures in people

So it pays off to launch new products or promote new features of your product. In today’s age, those limited-time product drops use this technique to their advantage.

Visualize your promise

Use pictures or videos to demonstrate how your product delivers on the promise.

Use captions to sell

On average, twice as many people read the captions under photographs as read the body copy. This means you should always add captions to pictures in your landing pages.

Photographs that suggest a story perform well

Because the reader gets drawn in to discover what the story is about.

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