How to Make Perfect Product Photos at Home (Professional Tips)

Many brands rent out entire studios and spend big money hiring professional photographers.

But what if you’re just starting out and funds are… tight?

Below we’ll cover how to take professional e-commerce shots on your own… at home.

Let’s go over the steps…

Set up a home studio

You’ll need a dedicated place for your photoshoot.

And yes, you’re gonna need some equipment… camera, reflector, white background, surface, etc.

But don’t worry. All you really need is your smartphone camera and a spacy, illuminated room with good window light to get quality shots.

Style the shots

Experiment with your photography.

Use different background colors and angles, and breathe life into your shots with props.

Get the lighting right

Placing a table in front of a large window should be good enough to get you the shadows and light you need for great shots.

Just remember to shoot during the “golden hours,” or the last hour before sunset and the first hour after sunrise.

Photography Lighting for E-Commerce and Catalog Fashion

Take photos from all angles

The more angles you get, the more “faithful” the mental image of the product you create for your customers.

“Eye-level,” “close-up,” and “bird-eye” shots all help online shoppers imagine the product as though they’re seeing it in-store.

VR has become a bigger part of the online shopping experience for this reason.

Take photos from all angles


You don’t need expensive photo editing software to retouch your photos. There are plenty of free tools available online.

When you’re editing photos, pay particular attention to white balance to make the photo feel “warmer.”

Also, make sure you tweak brightness, contrast, and color saturation just enough to make images appear lively.

Finally, compress your photos before uploading them to your store so you can preserve their quality and resolution.

And there you go… You’ve got quality product photos that are ready for the world!

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