How To Create Attention-Grabbing Hooks for Your Videos

The more “hooks” you use, the more customers you catch. Seems obvious, right?

Yes, but here’s the thing.

Jumping on trendy hooks like “TikTok made me buy it…” won’t get your brand very far.

Below are a few different and easy-to-use methods for making your video hooks engaging.

Let’s go fishing…

Use nonverbal hooks

The first three seconds are crucial for grabbing attention.

And while you can’t say much in three seconds, you can show an awful lot by:

  • Using an interesting background.
  • Appearing sharply in frame.
  • Experimenting with camera angles.
  • Using bright colors.
  • Making the first frame dynamic.

Each one of these instantly captures the eyes of your viewer.

Address your target audience

Remember, you’re speaking to them. Grab them with lines like:

If you ___, you need a ____.

If you enjoy ___, you should _____.

POV: you ____.

Calling out your viewers with lines like these hooks them into your video.

Use all the platform features

Say the hook in your audio, write the lines on screen, insert catchy music

Don’t be afraid to maximize the potential of the platforms you’re posting on.

Sell the ending

Use the first few seconds to sell the ending.

Name the problem that your audience has and say you have a solution.

Finally, forget about three seconds

Here’s a plot twist: Imagine that the attention span of your audience lasts only a second.

What happens in that first second? Make the video move so fast it’s impossible to stop watching.

… And there you go, you’re all geared up to shoot videos that will hook your prospects!


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