How to Find Viral Tweet Ideas in Under 5 Minutes

There’s no secret formula to writing a viral tweet, no matter what niche you’re tweeting in.

But there are ways you can make going viral a lot easier, like this method we’ve seen work well for founders and marketers:

How to Find Viral Tweet Ideas

Step One

Make a list of popular accounts in your niche. This shouldn’t take long.

Step Two

Use Twitter’s search function to find those people’s most popular tweets of all time.

For example, “from:XYZ min_faves:1000” would show you all of [XYZ]’s tweets with more than 1,000 likes.

Adjust this number based on how popular the account is to filter through their most popular tweets.

Yep… you’re looking at the most viral tweets in your niche.

6 elements that made this Tweet go viral

What to Keep an Eye Out For

Keep an eye out for two things:

Tweet formats that work well

Write these down as frameworks for yourself.

Consider tweet threads.

Topics you have opinions on

Viral topics are good ones for you to comment on. Figure out how you can write your own opinions based on some of the popular tweets in your niche.

The more you do this, the better you’ll train your brain to identify great tweets — and the better your chances of going viral will be.

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