How to Hire Great Writers [Top Tips]

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Software Blade is a content business, which means we’ve hired our fair share of writers. Even some of the writers on Software Blade have hired their fair share of writers, too.

So we’ve got a bunch of tips for finding great writers.

Here are just a few that may come in handy, whether you’re hiring writers for your brand, agency, or newsletter:

Forget the resume and focus on writing skill

Writing is one of the few marketing talents that can be judged in less than a minute.

Instead of spending time looking over qualifications, read your applicants’ actual work.

While a detailed background is good, top-notch writing talent is even better.

This beats reading previous previous jobs, what school(s) they went to, and so on.

Find the best writer you know

Ask them to read your applicants’ work.

If you’re not confident in your own ability to judge writing, have a great writer you know take a look.

They’ll probably be able to make observations you wouldn’t have thought of otherwise.

During the interview, ask your candidates who their favorite writers are

Any writer dedicated to their craft will have no problem listing off writers: Old-school writers, internet-famous writers, brands creating great content, and so on.

You might be surprised by how many people applying for writing jobs don’t have a good answer to this question.

Don’t overlook non-native speakers

If you’re hiring in English, don’t overlook writers who didn’t learn English as a first language.

There are millions of non-native writers who are leagues ahead of most native speakers.

Best of luck in your search for great talent – we hope these tips help.


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