Mac Mini Monitors: The Best Display Monitors for the Mac Mini in 2022

Monitors are one of the primary questions people have about the Mac Mini.

Given the Mac Mini is just a stripped down version of a Mac desktop computer, you’re on your own when it comes to finding the accessories, including the monitor(s), keyboard, mouse, speakers, and everything else you might need to complement it

The iMac comes with a standard 24-inch and 27-inch display.

But if you go with the Mac Mini, you can not only get a desktop computer cheaper than the iMac, but you can also have a bigger monitor setup as well.

So you can get more for a better price. Of course, smaller monitors can be great as well if you like things in a more condensed format.

For all info about the Mac Mini in 2024 plus setup, we have an article dedicated to all that here: Mac Mini: Setup + Everything to Know about Apple’s Entry-Level Desktop

If you’re still contemplating the Mac Mini, it’s available at the Apple Store and also on Amazon with Prime delivery:

These are our top choices for best monitors for the Mac Mini 2024:

Best pound-for-pound: LG Ultrafine UHD Display Monitor – 27-inch

This 27-inch 4K monitor works great with the Mac Mini.

It doesn’t match Apple’s design – which is always one of Apple’s strengths – but this is a solid overall monitor.

The LG27UN850-W fits right into what you would consider reasonably priced as well as having excellent quality.

Price-wise you can get up to 4 of the LG27WN850-W’s for the cost of only one LG UltraFine 5K Display.

You also get:

  • two USB-A 3.0 ports
  • two HDMI, and
  • one DisplayPort
  • Two USB-A ports
  • 4K image quality
  • Supports 60W charging for Macbooks or other laptops
  • Set up is straightforward
  • Doesn’t have a camera or microphone
  • Just one USB-C port

Best display image: Apple Pro XDR Display – 32-inch

apple 32 inch xdr

Apple’s Pro Display XDR is the best monitor for the M1 Apple Silicon Mac Mini.

It’s ultra-HD with a 6K resolution.

As a 32-inch monitor, it beats out the 24- and 27-inch displays of the iMac.

It also comes with the following features:

  • HDR
  • P3 color
  • 1 million:1 contrast ratio
  • Night Shift support
  • True Tone
  • 1,600 nits of peak brightness

Needless to say, the Pro Display XDR is beautiful, which is par for the course for Apple.

The Pro Display XDR has one Thunderbolt 3 port, which offers the best image you can find with the Mac Mini.

It also comes with three USB-C ports that provide additional possibilities. The stand for it is sold separately, but it makes adjusting it quick and simple and is a nice feature.

The Nano-texture glass also reduces glare.

Sounds great… until you see the price you’ll have to pay. Yep, it typically costs about $5,000.

It’s great if you have the budget, but it’s a super-expensive monitor.

  • 6K resolution
  • 32-inch display
  • Nano-texture option
  • Thunderbolt 3
  • 3 USB-C ports
  • Very expensive
  • No legacy ports
  • Stand or mount sold separately


Best ultrawide monitor: LG 34GN850-B 34 21:9 UltraGear Curved QHD (3440 x 1440) – 34-inch

LG’s UltraFine 5K is great, but the LG 34GN850-B is exceptional as an ultrawide monitor display at a better price (about $500 less).

This is personally what we use.

If you do want to go with the 34-inch 3.4K display, it has plenty of ports to work with, including:

  • a Thunderbolt 3 port
  • an HDMI port
  • a DisplayPort port, and
  • two USB-A ports

The ultra-wide screen aspect ratio makes this a great choice for content creators and multi-taskers.

The extra space makes it better for some than LG’s UltraFine 3.4K display and comes with IPS 1ms response time and a 144Hz refresh rate.

It also features the following:

  • NVIDIA G-SYNC Compatible
  • DCI-P3 98% color gamut with VESA display HDR 400
  • 3-Side virtually borderless design with Tilt or Height adjustable stand

The thinner bezels also give it a more modern look that gives it an Apple-esque design about it, making it perfect for the Mac Mini.

  • Pro-quality technology
  • Nano ISP color with a 3.4K display
  • USB hub
  • Lots of input options
  • No camera or mic built in
  • Speaker quality isn’t good (may require externals or another option)


Best ultrawide curved monitor: LG UltraWide Curved WQHD+ IPS HDR10 Monitor – 38-inch

If you’re a fan of the ultrawide curved look for an immersive experience, the LG 38WN75C-B 38-Inch Class 21:9 Curved UltraWide may be a great option for you to consider.

This LG 38-inch WQHD UltraWide monitor sports a 21:9 aspect ratio with sRGB 99% Color Gamut and HDR 10.

This makes it a great choice for content creators, gamers, video editors, professional photographers, and graphic designers.

There is no built-in speaker. But it does have two HDMI ports, one headphone jack, one DisplayPort, and lots of accessory options.

It contains a 75 Hz refresh rate, a slick split-screen mode, 1,000:1 contrast ratio, borderless design (no thick bezels), and 300 nits peak brightness.

  • Sleek design
  • Split-screen option
  • HDR10 support
  • Not up to true 4K standards
  • Construction is mostly plastic


If you’re really a fan of the ultrawide, you can even go up to 49″ if you’d like. This shows the setup of a 49″ Samsung CHG90 Odyssey, also available on Amazon:


1-month update:

Best 5K monitor: LG 27MD5KL-B UltraFine 5K IPS Display – 27-inch

This LG 5K monitor is able to support USB-C and Thunderbolt.

The Thunderbolt 3 compatibility gives the Mac Mini the best image quality possible.

It’s 27 inches, giving it the same amount of real estate as Apple’s larger iMac, and has the P3 wide color gamut that goes up to 500 nits brightness.

For a full 5K HD resolution on a larger-sized display, the UltraFine 5K is a great choice.

The biggest knock is that it doesn’t have the modern Apple aesthetic.

LG does have the Edge-Arcline base design on some of its monitors. This fits well with Apple products.

In fact, Apple often sells it within the Apple Store and on their website.

But unfortunately, the UltraFine 5K still comes with the thick, dated-looking bezels.

  • 5K resolution
  • Built with Apple products in mind
  • Has Thunderbolt 3 and USB-C
  • Built-in speakers, camera, and microphone
  • Lacks the Apple-like aesthetic
  • Lacks legacy ports

Best mix between budget and quality: BenQ EX2780Q 27 Inch 1440P 144Hz IPS

BenQ products tend to pair really well with Apple.

One of the most popular Apple YouTubers, Tech Gear Talk, recommends this monitor:


Features include:

  • 2K QHD 2560×1440 resolution; IPS panel; USB-C, HDMI, DP connectivity; 16:9 aspect ratiole panel with 95% DCI-P3 Color Space
  • For gamers: FreeSync Premium, HDRi, and 144Hz refresh rate for smooth, clear, vivid images
  • Control: Use a remote control, 5-way navigator, or volume wheel to adjust your settings quickly
  • 2.1 channel audio: Two 2W speakers, a 5W subwoofer, and a DSP (Digital Signal Processor) let you select your best audio mode
  • Vision: Auto-adjusts brightness and color temperature by screen content and ambient light conditions, eliminates screen flickers, filters harmful blue light
  • Console compatibility: Game on Xbox Series X at 1440p @120Hz
  • 3-Year Manufacturer Warranty

This monitor should run at about a reasonable $350, sometimes more or less depending on demand and supply.

So if you want a large 27″ monitor with quality resolution (2560×1440) but don’t need 4K or 5K and don’t want to spend a fortune, this could be a very good choice.

It also has excellent reviews.


  • BenQ tends to work great with Macs
  • Good price
  • Lots of backers among professional techies


  • 27″ is lower-end for multi-tasking
  • Resolution is about on par with Macbook Pro and Macbook Air (good, but not a huge “wow” like a 4K or higher screen might bring)



Best Ultradwide BenQ Monitor for Mac Mini: BenQ PD3420Q 34 inch

This BenQ is an ultrawide monitor for Macs and designers with 21:9 display, 3440×1440 WQHD.

Other features:

  • IPS
  • P3, sRGB
  • Factory-Calibrated
  • USB-C
  • KVM
  • Hotkey Puck G2
  • ICCsync
  • DualView
  • Delta E ≤ 3

YouTuber Shevon Salmon likes the BenQ PD3420Q for the Mac Mini.

The price of this is generally available in the $800-$1,000 range.

A good 34″ monitor will generally run you about $400-$500 on the low end and can go up to $1,500 on the high end if you need 4K or 5K resolution.


  • Ultrawide 34″ with 3440 resolution
  • Vouched for by many who do heavy work (e.g., video editing, coding)
  • VESA DisplayHDR 400 and HDR10 format support
  • USB C support
  • Built-in speakers


  • A little pricey but fair for the size, quality, and overall good fit with Apple products
  • No g/f sync if you do hardcore gaming
  • Thick for the money, weighing in at 30 lbs



 Best budget monitor: ASUS ZenScreen 1080P Portable Monitor – 15.6-inch

The ZenScreen is versatile, lightweight, and comes at the cheapest price of all monitor displays on this list.

It has a 15.6-inch screen and comes with a USB-C connector and HDMI port (micro). It’s compatible with Thunderbolt 3. It effectively functions as a desktop monitor or a portable display option.

The ZenScreen can toggle between portrait and landscape mode.

This is great for those who could use a good-sized screen without taking up a ton of space, those who are working with limited desk space, or those who simply don’t care for the huge screens.

Even despite its smaller size, the monitor works with 1080p full HD resolutions.

It even comes with the ZenScreen pen and a smart cover that protects the screen when not in use that’s much like Apple’s Smart Cover that works with iPads.

  • Weighs under 2 pounds
  • Very slim style
  • 60Hz refresh rate
  • Comes with a screen pen (stylus) and protective cover
  • Only a 15-inch display
  • Micro HDMI port

Best 4K Monitor for Mac Mini

This video provides a take on the best 4K monitor for Mac Mini:


Picking the right external monitor for your Mac Mini is not an easy task.

There are the compatibility questions plus a huge array of monitors on the market.

It’s important to consider:

  • How much space you have available at your desk or workstation
  • What you plan to use your Mac Mini for, and
  • What kind of budget you’re working with

In this article we covered six monitors that could be good fits for your Mac Mini:

  • Best pound-for-pound: LG Ultrafine UHD Display Monitor – 27-inch
  • Best display image: Apple Pro XDR Display – 32-inch
  • Best ultrawide monitor: LG 34BK95U-W UltraFine LED UltraWide Monitor – 34-inch
  • Best ultrawide curved monitor: LG UltraWide Curved WQHD+ IPS HDR10 Monitor – 38-inch
  • Best 5K monitor: LG 27MD5KL-B UltraFine 5K IPS Display – 27-inch
  • Best budget monitor: ASUS ZenScreen 1080P Portable Monitor – 15.6-inch
Based on your needs or preferences, you could give one or more of these monitors a look.




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