3+ BEST Math Games Like Wordle [Top Picks]

If you’re more into numbers than words or just want to try out something different to Wordle, below we have math games like Wordle for you to check out.


Mathler involves finding the answer to a puzzle that adds up to 108, using a combination of numbers and addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.





Nerdle is another great option for people who want a math Wordle puzzle. Here you have to guess the math equation and the solution.

You get six tries to guess the equation and solution. The equation must work so don’t forget order of operations / PEMDAS. The equals sign, “=”, is always in the puzzle.

After each guess, numbers or symbols that are in the right spot will be green, numbers or symbols in the wrong place will be purple, and numbers or symbols not in the equation will be black.

Puzzle are 8 hours apart instead of 24 like with traditional Wordle or Mathler.





For Numberle, each guess must be a valid 5-digit number.

After each guess, the color of the tiles will change to show how close your guess was to the number.

Numberle is probably the most like Wordle.

It involves no calculations like some of the other Wordle math games; it only involves guessing a number similar to Wordle’s focus on guessing a word.




Bonus Wordle Games


If you don’t like words or numbers, give Worldle a shot.

This geography-based Wordle spinoff gives you 6 shots to guess what country or territory is outlined on the screen.

Instead of gray, yellow and green blocks marking letters or numbers after each guess, you see distance, direction and proximity percentage, like a game of hot and cold.

For example, if you guess Sri Lanka, Worldle might show you 9,682 kilometers and an arrow pointing northwest with 52%. This means the correct country or territory is 9,682 km to the northwest of Sri Lanka and there is a 52% proximity rate (which would mean roughly halfway across the world). Translation: You’re cold.

There’s just one puzzle per day, and there are options to make the game more difficult by either not showing the country or randomly rotating the country shown.




Realize you actually like word games but are just kind of tired of Wordle?

Give Quordle a try!

Put your skills to the test and solve four Wordles at once! You have 9 guesses to solve all four words. A new Quordle is available each day to solve.

If you find Quordle too challenging, try a tool that can unscramble words. With these tools, you can enter a combination of letters, and it will tell you what words you can create from them. Enter letters that you have guessed correctly, along with those you’ve used, and you’ll get ideas on what words to enter next.


Solving Wordle

These videos give a good overview of Wordle and information theory:

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Other Wordle Alternatives

Here are some other options:

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