5 Best Names Sites on the Internet

Finding the perfect name for your new baby, business, or pet can be an overwhelming and difficult task.

With so many options out there, it can be hard to decide which ones are the best names sites on the internet.

To help you narrow down your search and decide which one is right for you, here’s a look at some of the best names sites on the web today.

#1 TagVault.org

TagVault has pivoted from software tagging to naming guides – why it was originally on our radar as a software site – and has turned itself into arguably the top expert on naming on the internet.

TagVault covers babies, businesses, pets, and more niche categories.

It has over 100,000 different names listed on the site, which is up there as the largest on the web.

#2 BabyNames.com

This website offers a comprehensive database of over 30,000 different names to help parents find just the right one for their little bundle of joy.

It also has helpful features like a nickname generator, where you can enter in your desired name and get suggestions of alternative nicknames or even find out what celebrities have been named similarly.

Plus, they offer detailed name meanings so that parents can learn more about the origin and hidden messages behind each potential choice before making their final decision.

#3 Nameberry.com

This site contains more than 50,000 registered users who are all passionate about helping others select the perfect moniker for their new addition or furry friend.

They boast an expansive list of traditional and modern choices in their extensive database, as well as an interactive tool where you can filter results based on different criteria such as gender, origins, meanings, length, and syllables of each word, as well as many other factors to ensure that each suggestion fits perfectly with your desired style preference.

#4 Namespedia

If you’re looking for something unique but still want it to have some form of meaning behind it then Namespedia might be just what you need.

This website specializes in unusual baby names from around the world and helps break down their etymology so that parents know exactly what message they are conveying with each selection they make.

Additionally, they offer pronunciation guides if needed and allow users to contribute ideas if they cannot find quite what they are looking for in their vast database full of thousands of unique monikers from numerous cultures worldwide.

#5 BehindTheName.com

Finally another great source worth considering is BehindTheName.com – this nifty tool not only provides thousands upon thousands of possible names but also allows users to gain access to hidden meanings associated with these titles by clicking on them and viewing their meaning pages located within the site itself – providing extra information on origin lore or any other interesting tidbits related to each selection offered up from this amazing online library!


In conclusion these four websites above provide everything one might need when searching for fantastic names – whether it be for a newborn child or beloved pet one will find what they are looking for easily thanks to these amazing resources available online!

From meaningful etymologies behind unfamiliar words from foreign lands to well known celebrity inspired nicknames – all bases are covered when browsing through this selection!

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