What is Open Source Business Intelligence?


Open-source intelligence (OSINT) refers to analysis derived from data that’s readily available to the general public.

While the idea of OSINT has been around since the Cold War, it has become relevant again thanks to machine learning technologies that allow for mass-scale processing and analysis of data.

Cybersecurity is one area where open-source intelligence is becoming increasingly prevalent among businesses.

(Specifically, ethical hacking, penetration testing, and external threat identification).

And the OSINT market is forecasted to grow 4x in the next five years–illustrating a growing opportunity for startups in this space.

The Future of Open Source Intelligence

Open source intelligence is part of the Open-Source Business Intelligence trend.

Searches for “business intelligence” have increased by 166% over the last five years.

Approximately 26% of organizations incorporate business intelligence in their strategy.

However, price is the primary concern why SMBs do not use business intelligence tools.

Which is why a growing number of companies are turning to open-source business data and tools for their business intelligence needs.

Power BI, KNIME, and Rapid Miner are examples of trending open-source BI tools.

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