5 Ways to Promote Your Apps in the App Store

Unfortunately, having an awesome, unique app is just not enough to stand out in Apple’s crowded App Store.

But this short promotion guide may help.

Apple recently shared 5 ways to make sure your app gains more visibility and gets more downloads.

Let’s go through ‘em:

How to Promote Your Apps in the App Store

1. Take advantage of custom product pages

The App Store allows you to publish up to 35 custom product pages per app. They can include screenshots, app previews, and promo text. Plus, users can discover them through unique URLs you share.

These pages are a huge opportunity to highlight unique features of your app, as well as create custom product pages for specific segments of your audience.

2. Create custom links and assets

Use the App Store Marketing Tools to generate a content link, short link, or QR code.

You can also create “Download on the App Store” badges and embed them in your emails and other marketing channels.

3. Use Smart Apps Banners to promote your app on your website

Smart Apps Banners let you create banners that link to your app on the App Store and embed them on your website.

4. Leverage promo codes

You can give early access to your app and its in-app purchases to users, influencers, or the press.

This page shows you how to request promo codes.

5. Get featured on the App Store

The App Store editorial team is always looking to highlight new apps, games, significant updates, in-app events, and great stories.

So if your app helps people in some way, submit it to the App Store editorial team.

Apple recommends submitting your app six to eight weeks before you launch or update it.

There you go: Five tips to help you promote your app.

Not a bad checklist to start with!

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