Questions to Ask Potential Employers during a Job Interview

Questions to Ask Potential Employers during a Job Interview

Before going on a job interview, most will spend their time preparing for questions they might get from the interviewers.

But if you want to land the right role, it’s essential that you ask good questions, too.

Because while the interview is evaluating you, you’re also evaluating the company.

After going through tons of job interviews, here’s a list of great interview questions that will help you find that dream job.

“What’s one of the hardest decisions you had to make as a team this last year?”

This question will give you a sneak peek into the biggest changes the company went through lately – and whether those are changes are worth getting excited about.

Responses like “We had to fire 10 people” or “We expanded into a new market” can be very revealing.

“How (and how often) do you gather feedback from your teams and employees, and what’s an example of something you changed this year based on that feedback?”

This will tell you how receptive the leadership team is to ideas, suggestions, and your own expertise.

And whether they’re receptive enough to act on it.

“What’s the most fun experience you’ve had with your team or colleagues this year?”

Curious about the vibe or culture of the team? This question will help you find it out.

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