4 Ways to Reduce your Google Ads CPA

Ever wished you had a bigger ad budget?

Here’s an idea for winning over the CFO: decrease your acquisition costs.

Below we have a balance of basic and advanced tips for driving down your CPA.

Here’s the recap:

1. Increase the conversion rate

How? A couple ways to do this…

Reduce the number of clicks required to complete your conversion action

For example, if you’re in e-commerce, consider using the product page as the landing page. If you’re generating leads, make the form visible.

Use images that nudge customers toward the CTA

A common trick here is using images of people pointing or looking at the CTA, like this:

looking at cta skai ad

2. Reduce the CPC

You can do this by…

  • Including target keywords in your ad copy.
  • Including target keywords in your landing page copy.
  • Making the landing page copy and ad copy consistent.

3. Implement a single keyword ad group (SKAG) structure

When each ad group has its own set of ads tailored to one keyword, the quality score increases across the entire campaign.

4. Expand your keywords, then narrow down

Start by targeting a high number of keywords. Then focus on the ones that perform the best.

This gives you the chance of discovering new targeting opportunities.

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