How to Unlock New Audiences and Boost Your SEO Ranking with Synonyms

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Remember synonyms?

The last time you heard about them was probably in your third-grade grammar class.

In case you need a refresher: A synonym is a word that means exactly or nearly the same as another word or phrase.

And believe it or not… synonyms can help you get more clicks and sales.

Why? Because when you talk about your product in different ways, you attract more users.

SEO Synonyms Example

For example, users might search for a webcam with terms like “streaming camera,”  “e-meeting camera,” or “Zoom camera.”

Same goes for chatbots.

Users might search for them using terms like:

Same product. Different use cases.

By finding and targeting new product synonyms, you can unlock new selling angles for your products.

For your SEO strategy, this means that you can target more relevant keywords to improve your rankings.

It’s a powerful way to expand brand awareness while compounding hundreds of thousands of monthly searches from different keywords.

SEO Synonyms Example

Here’s a six-step process for finding product synonyms

  1. Understand the different use cases for your product.
  2. Benchmark your competitors.
  3. Study the language of your audience.
  4. Review “People Also Ask” and related searches.
  5. Research keywords.
  6. Differentiate keyword placement basement on your site structure.

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