3 Ways to Spy on the Best Ads on TikTok [& Get Inspiration for Your Own]

3 Ways to Spy on the Best Ads on TikTok [& Get Inspiration for Your Own]

A great ad on TikTok can make you a lot of money.

But figuring out how to create great ads takes time – and money, too.

So instead of iterating for months trying to find good creatives…

Here are three reliable sources for finding the kinds of TikTok ads you can get ideas from:

  • TikTok’s native tools.
  • Third-party spy tools.
  • Curated collections, like Twitter threads.

TikTok’s native tools

If you go to the TikTok Creative Center, you’ll find curated collections of top-performing ads you can take inspiration from.

TikTok will show you stats about the ads, too, like campaign objectives, formats, duration, and more.

Third-party spy tools

Spy tools for TikTok are not as popular as Facebook Ads ones. But with some digging you’ll find some.

We haven’t used any, but they may be worth a shot if you want to go deeper than TikTok’s own tools, which aren’t as complex as you’d like.

Curated collections

TikTok often creates blog posts – like this one – where they include examples of successful TikTok ads.

There are also some interesting threads on Twitter, like this one and this one, where people manually curate ads they find interesting.


There’s no Facebook Ads Library caliber tool for TikTok, but the methods above should help you find top-notch ads to get ideas from.

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