3 Types of Podcast Guests to Drive Awareness, Build Credibility & Drive Sales

You don’t need popular guests to have a great podcast.

There are three types of podcast guests that, while not famous, can lead to valuable shows.

Plus they can save you from big fees, make your audience happy… And get sales in the process.

Let’s meet them:


This type of guest is perfect for driving brand awareness.

Whether it’s a founder or a thought leader in your niche, hosting an industry innovator raises the profile of your show.

Moreover, your audience probably already knows the industry innovators, so it’s a chance to drive listeners down your funnel and turn them into customers or clients.

Narrative partner

This guest helps you build credibility.

This is a speaker who can frame a story you’re trying to sell, someone whose story aligns with you and your audience.

Usually, they’re someone who’s a few steps ahead in your listeners’ journey.

Your happiest customers

Most podcast guests will give value to your audience. But not all of them will convey the value of your product.

When Amanda led the editorial strategy for Fitbit’s B2B event, she insisted on having an RTA (Regional Transit Authority) speak on the main stage.

RTA is made up of bus drivers who used Fitbit to lose weight and become active, eventually helping RTA save $2.3M in healthcare costs.

That case study was cited for years, despite RSA not being a well-known business.

The main takeaway

Don’t get stuck on booking stars or your podcast. Instead, focus on the story they can tell.

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