How Umamicart Uses Recipes to Drive Sales

How Umamicart Uses Recipes to Drive Sales

Umamicart is an e-commerce store selling Asian groceries.

Umamicart sells close to 2,000 products for preparing Asian recipes.

50% of their sales come from their shoppable recipes, with some viral posts bringing over 400,000 views.

And while Umamicart doesn’t share their revenue figures, we do know they recently raised $7M in capital… So clearly something’s working.

Let’s take a look at the ingredients of their success:

Shoppable recipes

Umamicart creates posts that look like most recipe blog posts… with one key difference:

They give users the opportunity to “Add the kit to cart.”

In other words, if you landed on the “mango sticky rice dessert recipe,” you could add all the necessary ingredients to your cart with one click.

Why this works

Andrea Xu, the co-founder and CEO, said that most of their customers either grew up eating that food or discovered the dishes through friends or restaurants.

But while they know a dish, they don’t know what ingredients they need or how to cook it.

So Umamicart satisfies these different needs in each post

  • They show readers how to prepare the dish.
  • They give readers the chance to buy all the ingredients with one click, saving them time on research and shopping trips.

Usually B2B companies are the ones creating “how-to” content.

But Umamicart shows this kind of content can work for almost any business.


No matter what your product is, show customers how to use it. Satisfy their need for information. Then, plug your product.

The more useful and actionable your content, the better your sales will be.

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