What Is A Returnship?


Returnship is a professional internship designed for workers returning from an extended career break.

The concept has been for over a decade.

However, returnships are trending again due to the surge of people re-entering the workforce after leaving their jobs during the early days of the pandemic (approximately 2 million women dropped out of US labor since the pandemic began).

A growing number of companies have also started to offer returnships as a way to attract additional talent.

For instance, Amazon announced that they plan to open 1,000 returnship positions.

Many businesses are following suit: there are hundreds of results on Glassdoor for returnship jobs.

What’s Next for Returnships

Returnships are part of the Post-Pandemic Workforce trend.

Some examples of post-pandemic workforce changes include:

The rise in contingent workers. 32% of organizations are using contingent workers to replace their full-time workers as a way to reduce their costs.

Talent sharing is becoming more common. This refers to initiatives where businesses agree to share staff members that possess in-demand skills.

More HR departments are seeking fractional CMOs that work part-time for several different companies at once. These professionals are usually experienced marketers that can offer their expertise on a project basis.

Flexible work hours and locations will continue to increase in popularity. Many businesses have already started to embrace these changes, and it’s likely that even more will do so in the coming years.

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