3 Ad Buying Mistakes to Avoid

Ad Buying Mistakes to Avoid

We have to confess we were guilty of making these three mistakes too…

They are extremely common, and we’re hoping you can avoid them if you haven’t learned from your own mistake already.

1. Misunderstanding statistical significance and making decisions too quickly

Buying $10 worth of traffic on Facebook or any other platform won’t give you enough data to know if your product is any good.

You need to come up with a much more significant test budget.

All too often we’ve seen beginners test a few campaigns with a total worth of under $1,000 and thinking that’s it, nothing more to do.

2. Making unclear ads by trying to reinvent the wheel

For some reason, many beginner marketers don’t like what other marketers are doing.

So, they try to “do it differently” but without following proven principles.

Most beginners should draw inspiration from what their competition does, and adjust for their own products.

3. Mistaking Meta (ex-Facebook) Marketing Experts for account managers

OK, this can happen for other platforms too but… Those “Marketing Experts” from Facebook are salespeople, they aren’t ad buyers that can help you improve campaigns.

They usually don’t have any relevant media buying experience and call you to get you to spend more money.

We’ve seen countless posts in groups about advertisers “talking to their reps” when it was actually a generic “Marketing Expert”.

This doesn’t mean you should never talk to them, but adjust your expectations from “concrete campaign advice” to “guidance about new features and certain basics you might not follow”.

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