AI Video Generators Are Finally Here

It’s probably not the same level as watching the Space Race…

… But the pursuit of AI video generation sure is interesting to watch.

Top AI Video Generator on the Market in 2024

#1 Meta Make a Video

Just months after AI image generators entered the mainstream, Meta raised the bar by announcing Make a Video, their text-to-video generator.

Lights, camera, input

Just like AI image tools, Meta’s Make a Video generator transforms text prompts into video content.

You’ll also be able to turn still images into videos, just like Meta brought Rembrandt’s The Storm on the Sea of Galilee to life. Pretty cool.

When it’s available

Make a Video—the first of this kind to be released to the public—is expected to become available to everyone by November 2022.

#2 Google

Days after Meta announced Make-a-Video—its artificial intelligence (AI) video generator—Google and Phenaki announced video generators of their own.

Looks good: Google’s Imagen generator can produce high-definition videos several seconds long.

Yes, initial images still appear distorted, and objects and movement can look unnatural and blend in impossible ways… but the results are still remarkable.

#3 Phenaki

Also, the founders of Phenaki launched their own text-to-video generator.

Phenaki prompts allow room for narratives and stories, and can generate videos lasting several minutes. Wild.

Why we care

It seemed impossible a few years ago, but AI-produced video is now becoming a viable industry with multiple competitors.

These tools could make video production much easier—and cheaper— for marketers without the skills or budget.

Creating videos in seconds could help marketers who can’t afford expensive producers design custom ad creatives on their own.

And video designers can use the power of text-to-video to enhance their own creations and create amazing stuff.

So now we have AI text generators, AI image and art generators, and now AI video generators.

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