11+ BEST AI Writing Assistants and Copywriting Software for 2022 [Ultimate Guide]

10 Best AI Writing Assistants for 2022 [Ultimate Guide]

Artificial intelligence copywriting is doing more and more for businesses as these tools improve. As such, AI writing assistants and copywriting software are a booming trend in the direct-to-consumer AI space.

All content creators feel constrained by the amount of content they can reasonably create.

Don’t you wish you could write 5 or 10 articles a day instead of struggling to get through just one or two?

Can you imagine how much money you’d make as a freelance writer if you could just up your production?

(How to get clients and work handed to you directly as a freelance writer.)

This is where AI writing assistants might come in.

The AI NLP market is estimated to be worth $15 billion. And is forecasted to reach over $42 billion by 2026 (CAGR of 21.5%).

And over 60 consumer-facing projects already use GPT-3 technology. 

Also, it’s important to note that an AI copywriter isn’t going to be able to do everything for you perfectly. AI writing is simply a tool to help make copywriters more productive.

Here are a few examples of trending AI-powered copywriting tools:

#1 Jasper.ai (formerly known as Jarvis.ai)

Jasper is a diverse AI writer tool that enables you to write content for your blog (SEO), social media, ads, emails, and more.

For copywriters, there are solutions such as a Content Improver and a Document Editor that lets the AI write content for you based on inputs you feed in. Like all AI applications, the better the inputs, the better the outputs.

It can even create answers to Quora questions (and do so in an intelligent way) and other niche applications.

Some of our writers here on Software Blade use Jasper.ai for some tasks, though not here 🙂

Jasper’s rebranding

It rebranded to Jasper.ai from Jarvis.ai in January 2022 to sidestep Marvel’s trademark of Jarvis (Tony Stark’s AI assistant in Iron Man).

How much does Jasper.ai cost?

The starter plan is $29/month.

Jarvis.ai’s ‘Boss Mode’ plan that includes unlimited access is $119/month if going month-to-month, or $100/month for the year if billed all at once ($1,200).

Jasper.ai Review

#2 Copy.ai

Copy.ai is a tool for generating marketing copy using GPT-3. It’s currently the most popular tool on the market. 

Specifically, Copy.ai uses an autoregressive language model developed by OpenAI to provide unique website copy.

The startup got over 30,000 sign-ups within two months of its October 2020 launch.

Copy.ai hit $157,000 MRR in July 2021 (up from $25,000 in December 2020).

How much does Copy.ai cost?

If you’re looking for a free AI writing tool, Copy.ai is currently free for seven days.

If you believe it’s good for your needs, you can lock yourself in for $420/year (billed monthly at $35/month) or $49/month for month-to-month subscriptions.

#3 Writesonic

Writesonic is an AI-powered writing assistant.

The solution consists of three products:

  • a marketing copy generator
  • an AI article writer and
  • a product description generator

According to Writesonic, their solution is unique because its writing imitates human writing style and tone.

The tool supports 24 languages.

Writesonic is part of the Next-Gen AI Writing trend.

#4 Flowrite

Flowrite is a versatile AI tool, helping you generate landing pages to ad copy to longer-form articles that can help you rank well with SEO.

Flowrite will take a few lines of description and provide multiple samples for you to choose from.

Turns sequences of words into ready-to-use text.

Like Copy.ai and others, it relies heavily on GPT-3.

#5 Copysmith

AI copywriting tool with a focus on marketing use cases (like title tags and product descriptions).

#6 Wordtune

AI-powered writing tool that helps with word choice, tone of voice, and other editing tasks.

#7 Persado

Persado is an enterprise solution and is currently being used by JPMorgan Chase.

It has reported consistently better click-through rates (CTRs) than human-produced ad copy, sometimes up to 450% higher.

#8 OthersideAI

OthersideAI is used for email. The GPT-3 powered app automatically converts bullet point summaries into professional emails in the user’s writing style.

#9 Quillbot

Quillbot is an AI paraphrasing tool. 

Users enter a body of text, and the software returns a version with different wording.

COVID-19 has been a “significant boost” for the company – with overall growth hitting 3.5x year over year.

Today, 5 million people reportedly use Quillbot every month.

After raising $4.25M in seed funding, Quillbot was acquired by Course Hero in August 2021 for an undisclosed sum.

#10 Hire Peggy

Hire Peggy is focused on bringing product descriptions to life.

Your first 13 lines of copy are free each month.

Go Pro for $10/month and get 300 lines of copy per month. Or go Unlimited for $40/month and have your own dedicated AI copywriter.

#11 Rytr

Rytr is an AI-powered writing assistant.

Besides proofreading and plagiarism checking, like many AI writing assistants, Rytr can create content based on a few descriptive sentences.

According to Rytr, their solution can “increase writing efficiency by 10x”.

The tool has over 1.25 million users and supports 30 languages, as well as more than 20 writing tones.

Limitations to AI copywriting tools

Remember that these tools are just machines. You only get out of them what you put in.

Essentially they take human-created content and mix it up to produce something new.

In other words, these tools are still not anywhere near what a human can do.

AI copywriting might be okay when it comes to bulk projects, if you need something truly original and something that’ll set a personal touch, it might not be a good solution for a long time.

You’ll also need to proofread what AI copywriting assistants spit out to make sure it’s grammatically accurate and otherwise makes sense.

They’re a tool, but certainly not a substitute to human content creation.

A complement and supplement, not a replacement

AI systems might be able to write faster than a human, but they’re only as good as the data that they’re trained on. They don’t have any perspective or context for anything, so they are vulnerable to making really bad mistakes and they’re also susceptible to bias.

Many AI writing assistants are trained based on internet content. The nice thing about the web is all the info it has on it. But it also has a lot of disinformation.

What we can be sure of is that these technologies will keep improving and will help marketers scale content creation within the capacity they’re able to.

Sites that use them a lot and crank out bad content aren’t likely to be rewarded by Google or search engines anyway.

GPT-3 has the ability to create content in a variety of formats (blog, social, emails, intro paragraphs), allowing SEO marketers to focus more on optimization.

You can certainly use GPT-3 and other tech to create content, but you’re still going to have to put in a lot of effort and bring a lot of expertise to the table to do it.

Sometimes it may make sense to use AI content creation tools to generate content and other times it may not.

The more expertise a topic requires, generally the less effective AI is going to be and the more important a human expert will be.

AI can already handle a lot of generic content well. But those pieces are already harder to rank.

They’re not the only ones

Just enter AI copywriting into Google and you’ll see hundreds of competing companies. Or go to Product Hunt and search for the same thing, you’ll find tons of relevant products.

There are over 70 on the market.

They’re also being more niched-down.

Some focus on crafting effective social posts. Others focus on blog content and long-form content, others focus on emails, some on sales and landing page writing, and so on.

Can AI acquire your business?

Artificial intelligence has accelerated business acquisition. For example, OpenStore raised $75 million and their promise is quite audacious: “Sell your e-commerce business instantly.”

Sure, there’s some marketing gimmickry here, but you get the idea.

AI has gotten so good at predicting business results that it can research and decide whether your e-commerce store is worth purchasing in hours, not weeks.

Will AI replace writers or other jobs?

We don’t think it’ll replace writers entirely. Humans are still much better at creativity and other complex intellectual tasks. And usually better at plain old common sense.

Jobs that involve heavy automation are at risk. But this has been true going all the way back to the Luddites of the early 1800s when mechanical looms threatened their manufacturing jobs.

Even so, technology has consistently created even more jobs.

However, what really happened is that technology – what we fashionably mostly call artificial intelligence today – will probably make our jobs much faster and more effective.

AI can already dress up influencers and automatically generate images, for example.

Will AI writing assistants replace humans?

AI content writers are only as good as the data that are fed into them.

They largely copy whatever else is already out there (not necessarily word for word, but regurgitate what’s already been written).

So, if you’re writing a lot of content that covers topics that have already been well-covered, they’re probably going to do a pretty good job with that.

For example, if you need to write an article about email marketing and the basics of that, it’s going to be able to do well with that topic.

However, anything that requires originality and creativity it’s naturally going to struggle with a lot more.

They are a complement for content writers, not a substitute.

The future of AI content generators

We’re just beginning with AI-generated content, and for the next few years, it won’t be able to replace humans.

AI-generated content will still need your input and it still needs to be heavily edited.

But it has some advantages:

  • By giving you ideas, it can help writers get rid of the blank-page block.
  • Speed up your writing process by providing content that you just have to edit to fit with your brand voice, style, and audience.
  • Help with editing and proofreading.

If you’re a one-person blog, AI-generated content can remove some work off your shoulders.

These AI assistants still write a lot of fake news and are sometimes just plain bad, so be sure to check what they write as thoroughly as possible.

AI still has no real common sense or the creativity of humans

While AI writers will certainly get better and better, putting more pressure on – and possibly replacing – mediocre writers… we think it’s unlikely that AI will replace truly skilled writers and editors.

AI doesn’t (yet) understand emotions.

Writing is just one part of a writer’s job

Good writers need several other skills, including research, strategizing, knowing markets and human psychology, analyzing campaign results, optimizing campaigns, and so on.

So copywriters and content writers can’t be entirely replaced by machines.

Long-form content pieces or sales pages written by AI tend to perform poorly.

Long story short, we believe AI will help many writers by saving them time, and may even replace mediocre writers. But it’s hard to believe AI will totally replace skilled human writers.

Someone has to edit what AI’s produce, anyway. And usually that editing requires a skilled writer.

Protecting yourself from AI as a writer or copywriter

However, there are some things you can do to protect your writing career from the robots:

  • Make yourself irreplaceable by constantly improving your craft.
  • Use your copywriting skills to start a business. For instance, build a newsletter. In the future, instead of being replaced by AI, you’ll be the one “hiring” them.

We also think new regulations will be introduced regarding the usage of AI.

Google, for example, recently said that it penalizes AI-written content in search results.

How does Google know what content is produced by AI? Well, if it’s written poorly, mechanically, or is simply spun content, then it’s fairly obvious.

GPT-4 – The Next Step in AI Writing Tools

This AI writing trend is likely to see even more growth when the highly-anticipated GPT-4 model becomes available. These tools will only become more powerful and versatile.

GPT-4 is forecasted to have around 100 trillion parameters (parameters are to the GPT model what neurons are to the human brain), a 500X increase over GPT-3.

This increase in parameter size will result in a model that is better at understanding and responding to context, making it more human-like in its writing.

GPT-4 will also be able to handle longer documents, making it even more useful for businesses and individuals who need to generate long-form content.

In addition to these improvements, GPT-4 is also expected to be more efficient than GPT-3, allowing it to run on devices with less computational power.

All of these factors make GPT-4 the most promising AI writing tool yet. And with it just around the corner, businesses and individuals who rely on AI writing tools will have access to an even more powerful tool.


AI copywriting assistants are an exciting technology for a digital marketer or a busy copywriter.

AI copywriting tools can help you scale your content creation and achieve your business goals in ways that otherwise wouldn’t be possible.

You would need to hire a large team that you couldn’t afford, and increasing your productivity can only go so far.

These tools are easy to learn and fun to use and are increasingly producing natural copy.

But every AI copywriting tool is slightly different.

And at the same time, you might believe that AI writing software isn’t there yet technologically and choose to wait until they’re sophisticated enough to be worth the investment.

Accordingly, it’s best to check out a free trial or two before you commit to a purchase.

This way, you’ll get a sense of how the tools work and if they’re right for your needs and overall business strategy.

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