17+ BEST Sports Games for Mac [Football, Baseball & More]

BEST Sports Games for Mac

In this article, we’ll go through the best sports games for Mac.

macOS has traditionally not been as equipped to handle gaming as Windows or PC, just because Windows has historically had most of the market. This led developers to focus on Windows compatibility over MacOS.

But these days, Mac has taken more of the market, with around 10% now using Mac for PC (it’s a bit higher in the US at close to 15%).

Accordingly, more and more want games built for Mac compatibility as well.

So in this article, we’ll cover the best games for Mac across various sports:

  • American football
  • World football (soccer)
  • Baseball
  • Basketball
  • Hockey
  • Motorsports
  • Tennis
  • Cricket
  • Pro wrestling

In the end, if you’re looking for any of the following:

  • sports games
  • sports management sims
  • sports strategy sims
  • best sports game for Mac
  • best soccer (football) game for Mac (and other sports)

The list below will probably have something you might be interested in.

So let’s dive in.

Baseball Games for Mac

Out of the Park Baseball (OOTP)

Out of the Park Baseball (OOTP) is one of the best management sim games in any sport, having been around for more than two decades.

And it’s also conveniently built for Mac and runs extremely well on the operating system.

It’s a sports strategy game in which you take the manager role of a baseball team, controlling things like lineups and the top-down management strategy.

The game is highly customizable, featuring dozens of official leagues (of all levels) plus the ability to make your own.

Most players choose to represent an MLB team and manage it through time.

With no licensing restrictions, OOTP sports real teams and logos, all while using rosters from current MLB seasons.

The AI will draft players based upon actual MLB projections too which make it a sports fan favorite for years because of how accurate everything runs. This sports game has been constantly updated through patches since release, so gamers will always have something new to look forward to.

It includes features such as:

  • free agency
  • contract negotiations
  • Rule 4 draft
  • Rule 5 draft
  • league modifications (commissioner mode)
  • roster management
  • in-game management
  • trades
  • and more!

As well as playing games quickly using just the mouse, you can also manage your roster throughout history by importing real player names, something that makes it popular with sports statisticians who chart out their own sports history.

Baseball fans will love this great management sim that brings hours of baseball entertainment on your Mac!

Digital Diamond Baseball

Digital Diamond Baseball is a sports game in which you take on the role of GM, controlling all aspects of your team’s front office.

It sports official MLB licensing, so you can play with all 30 teams and have access to real players too.

The gameplay itself takes place from a casual 2D side view in which you go through menus for various options like trading or training.

This sports game lacks any actual baseball simulation or watching the games happen, but it sports several features that make up for this.

For one thing, there are detailed reports that you get out of every game played; these include player statistics and league standings for stats like batting average or ERA (earned run average).

Like with OOTP, you can also simulate games quickly without playing each one.

DYNASTY League Baseball Powered By Pursue the Pennant

DYNASTY League Baseball Powered By Pursue the Pennant sports official MLB licensing too, like Digital Diamond Baseball.

Also sports very detailed player reports (just like OOTP and DD), as well as stats for pitching, hitting, fielding, and catching.

It also includes full league standings that show all 30 teams in the league with their records included.

Sports fans will love how it sports historic seasons for players to play through (which you can import real names into).

If sports fans want a quality baseball management sim, then this is a great option that’s available on Mac!

World Football (Soccer) Games for Mac

The best sports game for soccer on Mac is easily the insanely popular Football Manager (FM) series.

It sports top-tier graphics and gameplay, letting you play as real teams in real leagues around the world.

This sports game has been constantly updated with rosters constantly refreshed to reflect changes in real life, so its up-to-date goodness will never run out.

And since gamers demand realism above all else, there are features like realistic weather conditions too.

There are also stadium atmospheres to take into account; crowds go wild and sports announcers provide commentary for all your moves.

As you can see, sports management games on Mac need to be taken seriously and not just tossed in the sports section idly.

They’re some of most advanced sports games for Mac that sports fans will have a great time playing.

Football Manager (FM)

Since sports fans demand realism when they play sports management sims, the FM series sports real leagues around the world with accurate rosters and standings, including international teams too like Brazil or Argentina.

Real weather conditions are also taken into account for you sports fans that enjoy playing in different climates!

With Football Manager (FM) sports incredibly talented developers have been able to recreate football arenas all over the world, letting sports fans play inside them just like a real match would happen.

Sports fans can also play with commentary provided by sports announcers that match the language of the country you’re playing in.

If sports management games are your thing, then Football Manager (FM) is highly recommended for sports fans that want to take their sports gaming experience to the next level!

New Star Manager (NSM)

The New Star Manager (NSM) sports game sports all the features sports fans want like detailed player reports, league standings, and historical seasons.

You can even import real names into the sports game if sports fans want to play with their real life favorite players.

Since sports management sims demand realism of their graphics, this sports game sports some of the most impressive visuals for Mac gamers to enjoy on their computers!

Yet this sports game has one unique selling point that set it apart from its competitors; you get to play as a manager of an up-and-coming team instead of just managing established teams. That gives gamers the chance to build up teams at their own pace without any limitations too.

So sports gamers can enjoy sports games on Mac that provide realistic sports management experience with all the bells and whistles sports fans want as well.

Hockey Games for Mac

Franchise Hockey Manager (FHM)

FHM sports an impressive sports management system that sports real players from the existing hockey leagues around the world to play with.

Hockey fans can simulate games, change lineups, and even trade players with other teams.

There’s also a detailed draft system for you sports fans that enjoy playing GM too!

And since sports management sims demand realism above all else, there are multiple views to show off everything going on in a sports game; you can watch games as they happen or sit back and watch them later like sports replays.

Sports fans will appreciate the realistic graphics too; actual arenas are provided along with photos of each player to make each sports game feel like an authentic experience instead of just dragging out statistics like other sports management sports games for Mac.

American Football Games for Mac

The market has been starved of a good professional American football strategy sim.

OOTP tried to break into the market, first with Beyond The Sidelines (BTS) Football. Unfortunately, the developer of the game suffered a stroke and the project eventually had to be canceled.

Later, OOTP got into a partnership with the developer of Front Office Football (FOF), Jim Gindin.

However, OOTP’s other platforms – OOTP Basebal and FHM – grew quickly and bandwidth was limited.

This eventually led to OOTP and FOF splitting ways.

FOF, however, still stands on its own.

Front Office Football (FOF)

Front Office Football is a text-based football sim sports fans can play that sports features from the front office to the field.

There sports an impressive sports management experience sports fans can enjoy on Mac by setting up their own custom football teams and leagues.

If you’re looking for a football management sim game on Mac with a very detailed sports management system then this is your best bet.

The overall experience isn’t as good as OOTP Baseball and there are no graphics like Madden or Football Manager.

But for those who want a pure football management sim for Mac, FOF is a good way to go.

Is FOF compatible with Mac?

FOF is made for Windows.

However, you should be able to get it to work with a software like Wine, Bootcamp, or another software that lets you run Windows applications on Mac.

Pro Strategy Football

Pros Strategy Football is a good football management sim for those who want to explore the market.

It sports a full-fledged career mode with injuries, drafts, free agency, player trades, and other features that are realistic too!

Motorsports Games for Mac

Motorsport Manager

The Motorsport Manager sports a deep sports management experience sports fans get to enjoy on their Macs.

In the sports global ligue, sports fans get to manage one of 3 major race teams and compete against 7 other major race teams in races throughout the world.

As you’d expect from a sports sim game, there’s a lot of depth sports fans can sink their teeth into with multiple racing events by different car types and team parameters that sports gamers have to keep an eye on if fans want to succeed.

And it does provide good looking visuals for Mac users too!

Rugby Games for Mac

Rugby League Team Manager

Rugby sports fans can get their fix with Rugby League Team Manager sports game developed by “Serious Parody”.

As the sports manager, sports fans get to manage one of 19 National Rugby League teams and compete against other clubs in Australia.

Sports fans also have the option to create their own club in career mode if sports fans don’t want to play with existing clubs.

Realism is key in this sports game designed for managing rugby league teams on Macs. So much so that even training sessions are included! There’s nothing like getting right into training your players before tackling other teams on the field.

Sports gamers who love sports sim games will appreciate the features available here!

Rugby Union Team Manager

Rugby sports fans, listen up.

Rugby Union Team Manager sports game sports some sports management options that sports fans will enjoy on Macs.

It sports 21 playable domestic teams and another 6 international teams which allow sports players to manage their own rugby league club or national team in career mode. Whether sports fans want to create a custom rugby team or play with an existing one, this sports game has a lot to choose from.

There are several different match types available in Rugby Union Team Manager for Mac including friendly matches so sports gamers can take the time training their players before tackling other clubs on the field.

And if sports fans get tired of playing their leagues, then they also have the option of creating their own tournament to play in!

If you’re looking for sports sim games on Mac with sports management included like the sport of rugby, then Rugby Union Team Manager sports game is your best bet.

Blackout Rugby Manager

Blackout Rugby Manager sports game is a sports management sports game sports fans can enjoy on their Macs.

Sports fans get to manage one of 15 club rugby teams and compete in the Super League, National League 1, Challenge Cup, and more sports events!  There’s no professional league sports gamer has to create from scratch here like some other sports sim games online.

To add to the realism of this sports sim game, injuries play a big part in Blackout Rugby Manager sports game too. Sometimes your star players get injured which really causes problems for sports gamers who want to win matches.

But that’s not all; it even sports an RPG mode where sports gamers can create their own sports players and try out sports tournaments with them!

The other sports sim games online just allow sports fans to play as one character that they choose before the sports game starts. So sports fans, sports gamers looking for a more expansive sports management experience should definitely give Blackout Rugby Manager sports game a shot as it surely doesn’t disappoint.

Aussie Rules Football Games for Mac

Australian Football Coach

Australian sports fans can get in on the sports management action in this sports game designed for managing Australian sports teams on Macs.

Sports gamers get to manage one of 18 AFL clubs and play against other teams in the league too. There’s no creating your own sports team or custom tournaments here though so sports fans will have to be content with playing as only one team in only one type of match, but it is fun nevertheless!

The realism in this sports sim game really stands out among sports games online; injuries affect performance and playing time, player skills level up over time depending on how much they’re used and there’s even a fitness rating that indicates how long players can run without getting tired: pretty impressive if you ask me!

Tennis Games for Mac

Tennis Elbow Manager

Your job in this tennis sim is to train your player to the best player in the world and guide him to multiple Grand Slam titles.

Tennis Elbow Manager sports game sports excellent graphics which sports gamers won’t be disappointed with on Macs. Management options are also very good as well; tennis fans will have the freedom to train players even more after matches or send them for training so they can gain skills faster!

And if sports gamers want to play against other human competitors, there’s even an online multiplayer option available in Tennis Elbow Manager. So sports fans who enjoy playing tennis should definitely give this game a shot!

Basketball Games for Mac

Pro Basketball Manager (PBM)

This sports game sports good graphics which sports fans will appreciate on their Macs; it sports very realistic player movements and skillsets too.

The sports sim is also pretty fun to play as sports gamers can choose one of 327 teams from 30 different leagues!  There’s just so much content available in the sports game that sports fans won’t be disappointed with.

Sports management options are present here too, but they’re not quite as expansive as some other sports games online where you can even control things like sponsorships and stadium upgrades.

But if sports gamers are looking for a basketball management experience without all the bells and whistles, then Pro Basketball Manager (PBM) is your best bet.

World Basketball Manager (WBM)

This sports management sim isn’t anywhere near as good as Pro Basketball Manager (PBM) sports game though; sports fans won’t be able to negotiate contracts or anything like that here.

Still, if you’re looking for a basketball management simulation with pretty decent graphics at least, World Basketball Manager sports game is a good option.

Cricket Games for Mac

Cricket Coach

If sports gamers are sports fans who love sports management simulations that let sports gamers control one character, then this sports game shouldn’t be missed.

The sports sim doesn’t have good graphics though so sports fans shouldn’t pick Cricket Coach sports game up on Macs if they want eye candy.

But if you’re looking for an easy-to-play cricket management game, Cricket Coach is your best bet; it’s very user-friendly and it features great tutorial sections too.

Pro Wrestling Games for Mac

Pro Wrestling Sim

For sports fans looking for sports games online that are ultra-realistic when it comes to wrestling, Pro Wrestling Sim sports game is the best sports game for Mac.

There are literally hundreds of real wrestlers in this sports sim sports gamers can choose from, and there’s also a complete roster of all WWF/E championship titles in the game. And if sports gamers want to play against human opponents or upload their created characters into the game, then they’ll be glad to know that the multiplayer option works great on Macs too!

So sports fans who love playing as their favorite wrestlers and creating new ones should look no further than Pro Wrestling Sim sports game; it’s one of the most realistic wrestling sports games online available!

Conclusion: Best Sports Games for Mac

We hope sports fans enjoyed this sports article and that sports fan was able to find the best sports game for Macs.

There are lots of management sims out there for the Mac user in various sports, from soccer, football, baseball, basketball, hockey, and more.


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