How ‘Calm for Business’ Built A Content Empire [Tips & Tricks]

How 'Calm for Business' Built A Content Empire [Tips & Tricks]

Stripe, HubSpot, Salesforce, Canva, and MasterClass.

All of these content marketing juggernauts started with a single blog post, webinar, or email.

Now, they’re content empires.

And now, there’s another content marketing behemoth on the rise: Calm for Business.

Calm is a meditation app. They recently launched “Calm for Business” with the goal of providing mental health help to organizations.

There are three key factors positioning Calm to become another content marketing beast:

They’re creating backlink-driven assets

Backlinks are essential to a content empire, and Calm is creating the type of content that attracts them.

Take their “Self Care Guide For HR Professionals” guide for example. It has 30 high-value links driving back to it.

Calm created a guide tailored to their ideal audience: HR professionals.

It’s a perfect user-content fit.

Calm is investing in hard-to-copy content

One of the most difficult types of content to replicate is research.

The Calm team is partnering with actual PhDs and academic researchers to produce content and research of high quality like NLP, integrated mental health, etc., that shows how successful the Calm app is at supporting people.

They make click-friendly content

Not the same thing as clickbaity. Click-friendly content leverages human psychology and speaks to people’s emotions.

Here’s a headline example from Calm for Business:

“Are You Suffering From HR Burnout? Here’s How To Tell—And What To Do About It”

This works because:

  • It calls out the target audience.
  • It addresses their pain points.
  • It promises a solution if you click.

CNBC is also very good at doing this same thing. For instance, they’ll say something like, “Warren Buffett Says He Used This 1 Skill to Earn Billions”

(FYI, that’s not a real headline, but it is the type of content they’ll publish to attract clicks.)

Now you might not have the same marketing budget Calm has, but you can still learn from them.

Pick one idea and one target audience, and start building your own content empire.

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