Capterra’s SEO Strategy – How SaaS Companies Can Benefit from Their Success

Capterra's SEO Strategy - How SaaS Companies Can Benefit from Their Success

Capterra gets $4M worth of SEO traffic per month and 1.5M visits per month. How can SaaS companies benefit from their success?

They dominate search engine results pages (SERPs) for high-value comparison keywords (e.g., Monday vs. Slack as it pertains to project management software) in more than 800 software categories.

Why the insane pull?

Capterra satisfies a strong need for prospects. Businesses want to know how software products compare, and, most importantly, what kind of reviews the products are getting.

Unfortunately, Capterra’s strategy isn’t one you can swipe. Most SaaS companies would need to spend $4M in paid ads just to get all that organic traffic.

But the good news is, you can study Capterra’s SEO strategy.

And there are two ways you can use Capterra’s success to your own advantage:

Use Capterra as an ally

Integrate Capterra reviews on your website.

Since users trust them, their reviews will wield more influence over your customers’ buying decisions.

Create your own comparison pages

This is a great SEO strategy for SaaS companies.

It helps you control how prospects view your product during their decision process.

Plus, comparison pages offer you many SEO benefits, like:

  • Improving your organic search visibility and traffic.
  • Helping users better understand your product.
  • Helping prospects make the best decisions.

So while you probably won’t beat Capterra at their SERP game, you can definitely use the platform to your advantage.

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