9+ TOP Copywriting Hacks for High-Converting Copy [Expert Tips]

You don’t have to be J.K. Rowling to write copy that engages readers and motivates them to buy…

You just need to know a few effective techniques.

Below are 10 powerful hacks that can take your copy to the next level.

Let’s get hacking…

Top Copywriting Hacks to Convert Customers

#1 Compare

If you’re different from or better than your competitor, don’t be afraid to say it.

Show customers you’re cheaper, faster, etc.

#2 Reframe the pricing

Numbers can be abstract. Bring your prices down to earth by comparing them with something else.

“Less than three lattes a month” sounds cheaper and more appetizing than $9/month.

#3 Add visuals

Plain text = boring.

Add images, infographics, bold words, etc. to make your copy more engaging.

#4 Ask for effective testimonials

The best testimonials use the same pattern: before > transformation > after.

Ask your customers to follow this pattern and then use their words in your copy.

#5 Raw data wins

Raw numbers are more believable than rounded numbers.

If 79% of customers think your product is the best, say so. Don’t round up to 80%.

#6 Your customers are your salespeople

When describing the benefits of your product, back them up with testimonials.

People will always trust other people more than you.

#7 Use repetition

Done right, repetition makes copy memorable and effective.

Don’t feel bad about repeating yourself.

#8 Handle objections in the call-to-action (CTA)

You can boost engagement by using your CTA to answer objections.

Objection: “Will this trial cost me money?” CTA: “Try it free – no credit card.” Done!

#9 Don’t sell, entertain

The more you write to sell, the less effective your copy will be.

Joke around, tell compelling stories, add some personality to the brand voice.

#10 Profit from your competitor’s flaws

Check your competitor’s product pages for 3-star reviews, and turn their biggest complaints into your selling points. Voila!

Powerful stuff, right?

Try working these tips into your copy. You might be surprised by the results.

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