Building or Maintaining an Online Brand? Try This Powerful Marketing Strategy

Building a brand online has changed a lot.

It’s no longer enough to “hack” your way to the top of the rankings page… You also have to manage the reputation of your brand.

That’s how digital public relations (PR) was born.

What is digital PR?

Sam Brown describes it as a marketing strategy that enhances public perception of your brand, boosts your organic rankings, and strengthens your reputation for both users and algorithms.

How digital PR works

Basically, you create a network of publications and journalists and pitch them topically relevant content to publish.

By doing this you’re speaking directly to their readers — your target audience — while building your website’s domain authority by being listed in reputable sources.

That doesn’t even include the number of passive links you can get from other sources if your topic “catches on” or goes viral.

“Cool. So it’s link building, right?” Well, not really.

Digital PR has a different purpose from link-building because it:

  • Optimizes content for readers instead of search engines only.
  • Prioritizes brand identity over search engine rankings.
  • Focuses solely on link or publication quality instead of link quantity.
  • Prioritizes audience research over keyword research.

So while it can become an integral part of SEO efforts like link building, digital PR is a bit different than your traditional on-page and off-page optimization strategies.

How do you know if a digital PR campaign is successful?

There are a few parameters that can tell you if your brand is gaining traction:

  • Earned links, especially “passive” links that link to your PR publication piece.
  • Organic visibility, which is similar to how you measure SEO results.
  • Brand search, or users that type your brand name as a search query.


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