4 Ways to Create Successful SaaS Partnerships [Expert Tips]

A SaaS partnership should be more than just affiliate commissions and the occasional social media post…

Because in the end, it’s only successful if there’s a joint effort, a mutual gain, and similar drive.

Below we break down the common denominators of successful SaaS partnerships.

Let’s take a look…

Ways to Create Successful SaaS Partnerships

#1 Invest in positioning education

Is your in-house team exceptionally good at something? Share the knowledge with your partners!

A great example is Hubspot’s sales team.

They trained their channel partners to become just as good as they were… and as a result, their channel partnership business took off.

#2 Create a certification program

It’s good to publicly reward anyone who masters your product with a badge or a certification.

Public partner certifications incentivize your partners to be more involved in your product and give them social validation that will increase their customer’s trust.

#3 Make joint promotions

Make sure you do a bunch of webinars, email campaigns, and other promotional content together with your partners.

Think about pre-launch and post-launch promotions, produce creative assets together, and involve both of your audiences equally.

#4 Custom pricing for partners

Investing in your partners by giving them tools to grow in their competitive environment is crucial.

For example, you can let partners split their 30% commission as a discount for new customers to incentivize signups, and even build custom co-branded pages with that special pricing.

So before you start building your channel partnerships, remember…

The best thing you can do is create mutually beneficial goals without worrying about how you’ll benefit in the short term.

If you do whatever it takes to help your partners scale, the growth will happen naturally.

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