How Dreamdata Built a B2B Selling Machine with Memes & Employee Posts (Cheaply)

How Dreamdata Built a B2B Selling Machine with Memes & Employee Posts (Cheaply)

If you’ve ever tried generating B2B leads, you know how complicated it can be. Even on LinkedIn.

But there are ways to do it without spending a dollar.

That’s what Dreamadata does. It’s worth studying their LinkedIn B2B lead generation strategy.

Dreamdata’s secret sauce?

Employee advocacy.

“Employee advocacy” refers to a culture where workers actively advocate for their company as a way of building relationships and attracting customers.

Through employee advocacy, six Dreamdata employees built a selling engine that saved the company $6.59 per 1000 LinkedIn impressions and $5.26 per click.

Here’s how their employee advocacy program works:

  • Employee networks have 10x more connections than their company’s followers.
  • The content shared by employees receives 8x more engagement than content shared by companies’ accounts.
  • Employee content can generate 5x more website traffic and 25 percent more leads.

In addition to relying on the content written and shared by their employees, Dreamdata also follows a set of key principles:

Hop on trends

This is a well-known social media tactic that works on every social network.

And Dreamdata’s employees obviously follow it.

Entertain with memes that tell a relatable story

Here’s a funny yet informative post shared by Samuel Malpiedi, one of Dreamdata’s employees.

Show social proof

Yes, everybody is loading their websites with social proof these days, but for some reason they’re not putting that same effort into LinkedIn.

\It’s as simple as sharing a screenshot of a review or testimonial, or even a screenshot of an email, like this email from one of Dreamdata’s competitors.

There’s definitely more to learn when it comes to getting qualified B2B leads for cheap.

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