How to Generate Copy from Negative Feedback

How to Generate Copy from Negative Feedback

Let’s talk through the process of doing something counterintuitive:

Brainstorming ad copy from people who don’t like your product.

Negative feedback is constructive criticism in more than one way and can actually help you sell better.

Let’s take a look.

Here’s how to generate copy from negative feedback

1) Gather negative feedback

For example, if you work for a SaaS company, that could be negative feedback you received from customers who stopped using your product.

If you’re in e-commerce, this feedback is probably a public, negative product review.

2) Group the negative reviews into two categories

“Our Fault” and “Their Fault.” Our Fault reviews are cases where a genuine error on your part gave the customer a negative reaction.

Their Fault reviews are cases where the customer is not the right person to be using your product.

Example of Our Fault feedback

“I was stressed while using your software product. The UI made my life difficult.”

Example of Their Fault feedback

“This Lamborghini is too fast for me. It was scary to drive.”

Now you’re ready to use both of these feedback types in your marketing.

Here’s how:

Our Fault vs. Their Fault Feedback

1) Our Fault feedback

This feedback indicates a customer pain point so serious that the customer stopped using your product.

Address these pain points the next time you write copy.

2) Their Fault feedback

Use this in your marketing to make your real audience feel like the product was made for them.

Adding in a dash of humor is always good, too.

Customer feedback is one of the best places to gather inspiration for your copy… even when it’s negative.

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