5+ Keys to Winning Business on LinkedIn [Expert Tips]

5+ Keys to Winning Business on LinkedIn

Six keys win to winning leads, customers, and partnerships on LinkedIn.

Tips to Winning Business on LinkedIn

Write from experience

Don’t parrot general advice from other content. Instead, share what you experience first-hand.

If you run a test, share it and ask for the opinions of your followers. When you engage with someone else’s content, do it by sharing your experience.

Write in a storytelling format

A character, a call to adventure, adversity. These are all elements used in compelling stories.

Add them to your LinkedIn posts. And for better engagement, start your post with the tension point or conflict and work towards the resolution.

Your overall engagement is crucial

Follow and connect with as many as target customers and potential partners.

Then leave at least 15–20 comments a week on other people’s posts.

Write a compelling hook…

…in the first 2–3 sentences of your post.

If you go viral…

If the engagement to your post is growing by 20% or more per hour, don’t share another post. 

Viral or fast-growing posts usually double in engagement in the first two hours.

So, wait before sharing. As a rule of thumb, wait four hours before posting again.

Shoot for an average of 4–5 posts a week

Frequency is often debated.

But according to experience, a compelling post daily, or every other day is ideal.

Sharing links can cut your reach by 70-80%…

…so focus on crafting original content instead.

LinkedIn, when used right, can be an incredible platform for growing businesses.

LinkedIn B2B Advertising

Business-to-business (B2B) advertising is a hard coconut to crack.

But if you can crack it, it’s a sweet-tasting fruit.

LinkedIn is the “place to be” if you want to advertise to other businesses, and there are ways to do it properly.

So let’s get cracking…

1. Use Campaign Groups

All your ad elements, except for ad creative, are managed at the campaign level.

So if you want to change or test anything, whether targeting or budget, you need to create a separate campaign.

That’s a lot easier to manage when you structure and organize your entire campaign with Campaign Groups.

2. Target with Matched Audiences

Matched audiences in Campaign manager lets you target two types of audiences:

  • Company list targets employees of companies of your choice.
  • Contact list targets based on individual names, emails, job titles, etc.

This can help you laser focus your target audience as well as leverage it if you’re creating lookalike campaigns.

3. Use data from Company engagement reports

Speaking of Company matched audiences… The Company engagement reports show you how people from individual companies engage with your ads.

This can help you find out if your ads are appealing to your targeted audience.

4. Use lead generation forms

Want to bypass privacy issues? Get users to opt-in to your email list from LinkedIn.

When they do, you can download the leads as a .csv file or set up an automation with your CRM tool to automatically add the contact.

5. Increase performance by experimenting with different bidding strategies

Your bid strategy determines how much you want to pay to display ads in front of your audience.

28.3 million InMails reveal cold email insights

LinkedIn published a list of cold outreach tips based on their analysis of 28.3M LinkedIn emails, also known as InMails.

Here are some of their suggestions:

  • Shorter is better. 25-50 word emails get 65% replies.
  • Simplify your writing. Write at a fifth-grade level, and you’ll see 50% more replies.
  • Personalize your outreach. Sprinkle your pitch with personalization to double your open rates.
  • Use an unassuming tone. “Did you know that [stats]” InMails don’t cut it. Ask thoughtful questions and be curious about your prospect.

As a bonus tip, reviewing your prospects’ work history and asking questions about their experience can prompt replies.

Why we care

It’s not easy connecting with the right people and building strategic relationships on LinkedIn, but it is worthwhile, so any help is welcome.

Plus, you can apply the same tips to cold emails outside of the LinkedIn platform as well.

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