5+ Keys to Winning Business on LinkedIn

5+ Keys to Winning Business on LinkedIn

Six keys win to winning leads, customers, and partnerships on LinkedIn.

Write from experience

Don’t parrot general advice from other content. Instead, share what you experience first-hand.

If you run a test, share it and ask for the opinions of your followers. When you engage with someone else’s content, do it by sharing your experience.

Write in a storytelling format

A character, a call to adventure, adversity. These are all elements used in compelling stories.

Add them to your LinkedIn posts. And for better engagement, start your post with the tension point or conflict and work towards the resolution.

Your overall engagement is crucial

Follow and connect with as many as target customers and potential partners.

Then leave at least 15–20 comments a week on other people’s posts.

Write a compelling hook…

…in the first 2–3 sentences of your post.

If you go viral…

If the engagement to your post is growing by 20% or more per hour, don’t share another post. 

Viral or fast-growing posts usually double in engagement in the first two hours.

So, wait before sharing. As a rule of thumb, wait four hours before posting again.

Shoot for an average of 4–5 posts a week

Frequency is often debated.

But according to experience, a compelling post daily, or every other day is ideal.

Sharing links can cut your reach by 70-80%…

…so focus on crafting original content instead.

LinkedIn, when used right, can be an incredible platform for growing businesses.

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