The ICE Growth Framework Used by High-Performing Startups

We’re guessing this happens to you a lot.

Your team meeting runs long.

You’ve got a huge list of potential growth ideas, and…

You walk out of the meeting overwhelmed and not sure what to pursue first.

Brainstorming growth ideas is a lot easier than executing them. It’s easy to come up with a huge list of options and not know where to start.

That’s where the ICE framework comes in.

The ICE Framework

It’s a framework used by most high-performing startups and marketers, and it helps you decide which growth ideas to pursue first.

It works like this:


If this idea is successful, how big of an impact will it have?


How confident am I that this will be successful?


What’s the return on investment (ROI) of this idea if it succeeds?

As you evaluate each idea using these categories, score it from 1–10.

Then, start with the ideas which received the highest scores — they’ll probably be your winners.

This framework applies to more than marketing

If you like being analytical about your life, it can help you decide which vacation to take next, where to go for dinner, and whether or not to accept that job offer.

And there you go… you’re ready to prioritize and execute the right ideas!

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