How to Increase Your Organic Traffic with Zero-Volume Keywords

It’s time to flip the secret SEO switch.

With competition getting stiffer and tools getting smarter, finding high-volume keywords with low difficulty is getting harder than finding Waldo in a running of the bulls scene.

But… there’s another way to increase trafficLow to zero volume keywords.

Sounds a bit counterintuitive, right? It does, but it works.

Zero-volume keywords — particularly long tail keywords — are low hanging fruit in SEO

They’re trending

A lot of low-volume keywords are actually high volume, but tools haven’t picked them yet.

They’re low competition

Since they’re still invisible to tools, your competitors probably don’t know about them… Meaning they’re highly profitable and require little optimization.

They’re high-intent

Even when volume is low, a lot of long tail keywords are bottom-of-the-funnel and can convert better than high-volume keywords.

For example, think of the query “social media marketing” – it’s got ton of searches per month in some form.

Then think of something like “Hootsuite vs. Buffer” or “Hootsuite vs. Buffer vs. Sprout vs. Loomly vs. Tweetdeck”.

Then former gets very little while the latter gets none, but is much further down the funnel and easier to convert.

Zero-volume keywords — particularly long tail keywords — are low hanging fruit in SEO

Some tips for picking zero-volume and trending keywords

Talk to your sales and customer service teams

These people hear the most essential questions and pain points of your customers almost everyday.

So why not turn those questions into search queries?

You can identify gaps in your website content and provide solutions that will drive new traffic.

Use tools to jump on recent trends

Think about it… if it’s trending, people are searching for it.

Try looking for queries in your niche on platform tools like Google Trends, Snapchat Trends, and Pinterest Trends.

Just because SEO tools lag behind on these terms doesn’t mean they are not hot.

Skim online communication channels

Historically, some of the best ideas were the results of conversations in public squares or taverns. Today, it’s message boards, forums, and social platforms.

Search niche communities for conversations about your topics, and you may end up with a bunch of potential keywords and post topics that have good frequency.

Should You Go After Keywords with Zero Search Volume?



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