4 BEST No-Code & Low-Code Platforms to Build AI and Machine Learning Tools [Top Picks]

4 BEST No-Code & Low-Code Platforms to Build AI and Machine Learning Tools [Top Picks]

Increasingly, developers and non-developers alike are looking for no code or low code tools to build artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) tools to help them solve particular tasks or problems.

Developers spend 34% of their time building and maintaining internal apps.

And at companies with over 1,000 employees, that number is 40%.

33% of developers currently opt for low code and no code platforms when building internal applications for the sake of efficiency.

That’s set to rise as 42% of developers state that they plan to build using low and no-code platforms in the future.

I Created a SaaS Only Using No Code Tools

Top Low Code / No Code Platforms to Build AI and ML Tools

Here are some of the growing startups in this emerging space:


Budibase is an open-source, low-code platform for building internal tools.

The platform’s toolkit consists of data (connections with data sources, user authentication), design (screen templates, conditional UI), and automation (triggers, integrations).

Deployment is available with Budibase hosting or via self-hosting.

Budibase has pre-built integrations with 23 tools, including Airtable, Zapier, and MongoDB.

Obviously AI

No-code tool for building ML models.

Users can connect database systems, pick the value they’re trying to predict, and the product helps automatically build the model.


Backend automation software for banks.

The AI-powered no-code tool helps with customer onboarding and KYC compliance.

The company reports having more than 140 banks and financial services companies among its customers.


AI-powered tool for building workflow automations.

Levity focuses on use cases for customer service, operations, and product teams.

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