How to Optimize Your App Store Product Page

How to Optimize Your App Store Product Page

Trying to get more downloads by testing different keywords? Great! … But that’s not enough.

Yes, keywords can bring traffic to your app as part of the app store optimization (ASO) process.

But you convert that traffic with the story you tell.

And a huge part of that story is the screenshot you feature on the app’s product page.

That’s why an A/B test process for optimizing the conversion of your App Store page could be a good idea.

Guidelines to follow to Optimize Your App Store Product Page

1. You can upload up to 3 alternatives to test, but limit it to one. 

Keep the test simple, because testing too many variables may hurt the validity of the test.

2. Get enough data to reach statistical significance.

Let the test run for at least a week, and no more than 90 days.

3. Pause the test if downloads are tanking.

What should you test?

  • Captions.
  • The screenshots order.
  • The color, fonts, and layout of the presentation.

What metrics should you track?

The logical answer would be downloads.

This metric matters, but revenue is important as well.

Downloads alone don’t paint a clear picture

Maybe the variation you’re testing brings in more users, but reduces your revenue.

This could mean you’re attracting the wrong users.

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