How to Pitch Your Brand to Podcasts

If there’s one effective way to grow your brand without spending cash… It’s appearing on podcasts.

The benefits are huge:

  • Building awareness for both your personal brand and your business.
  • Networking with other hosts and guests from your industry.
  • Getting free backlinks to your website and boosting domain authority.
  • Providing expertise while warming the audience to your product or service.
  • Getting tons of content to share on your own platforms.

Below we offer a few ways to pitch podcast hosts on… well, having you on.

So let’s get pitching…

Niche down

Pick your podcasts carefully. Getting a spot in any old podcast may rack up your appearances but won’t help you reach your ideal customer profile.

For example: If you’re an e-commerce marketing agency that partners with Shopify brands, look for podcasts that fit that category.

Use podcast databases

This is where you find contacts. Some tools offer extensive libraries, including the host info you need for sending your pitch.

And some include filters that help you quickly find podcasts that fit your niche.

Don’t outsource, if possible

Instead of hiring a freelancer who’s not as familiar with the industry, write your own intro message and make it as personal as you can.

It feels more natural to have a brand founder or ads expert reaching out for a feature than a random person from your marketing team.

Suggest topics

An underrated part of pitching is actually recommending a potential topic to the host.

If you can spice up your cold intro with talking points, you can build intrigue and make hosts more likely to say yes.

Actually listen to podcasts

You’d be amazed how many people blindly pitch a podcast without having listened to a single episode.

Immerse yourself in podcasts and learn about the hosts, the concepts, and the guests.

You’ll learn something new and gather material that makes your cold intro more authentic and compelling.

Ready for that mic check?

Whip out those spreadsheets and start pitching those podcast appearances. Good luck!

How to Pitch a Podcast


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