How to Hire World-Class Freelancers [Top Tips]

How to Hire World-Class Freelancers [Top Tips]

Sometimes you hire freelancers because you need a job done quickly for a couple of dollars.

But sometimes you want a freelancer with world-class talent to create amazing work that makes you look good.

The problem is… world-class talent is difficult to find.

They won’t show up randomly in your inbox with a cold email, and you usually won’t find them on platforms like Upwork or Fiverr.

Here’s how you can find world-class freelance talent

Reach out to other marketers and brand owners

If you’re hiring a writer, for example, email the marketing directors at the brands you love.

Ask them who wrote their copy.

Many times, they’ll be happy to make you a referral.

Send cold emails to the talent themselves

Do some hunting on Twitter, LinkedIn, and via referrals to identify people you’d love to work with.

Then, send them a cold email.

Sometimes you have to approach the best talent, not the other way around.

Search through Twitter recommendation threads

There are countless examples of people on Twitter asking “hiring an X — any recommendations”?

These tweets often receive hundreds of replies. Look for recommendations by people you respect, people who run brands that do great work.

Asking for recommendations on Twitter is a great way to find world-class talent.

One last tip

Even if your dream freelancer is working full-time somewhere else, you can often convince them to do some contracting on the side for you.

If you want the best in the world, you’ll have to do some searching. We hope the tips above make it a little easier!

Final thoughts

When it comes to finding world-class talent, consider getting creative outside the usual dashing to Fiverr or Upwork.

Try thinking outside the usual platforms and job boards.

Talk to people you know and respect in your industry. And don’t be afraid to reach out cold to the freelancers themselves.

With a little effort, you’ll be surprised at the amazing talent you can find.


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