How to Get ROI from the Content you Worked So Hard to Produce

How to Get ROI from the Content you Worked So Hard to Produce

How much time do you spend creating content?

And how long do you spend actually promoting and spreading that content?

Many marketers make the mistake of spending hours on the creative part, but only a few minutes on the promotion.

“I don’t want to seem too spammy.”

“I don’t want to come off too promotional.”

Thing is, you need to put that content in front of new eyes if you want to keep the lights on.

So if you’re not spending as much time promoting content as you should be, here are some tips that can help. It offers you a simple step-by-step formula for “getting the word out.”

Conduct an audit

First thing you do is conduct an audit.

Go through your content and look for the pieces that demonstrate a clear content-market fit. There are many ways to gauge this.

Look at the content that got more shares, more comments, and more referral traffic.

The next step is running through the Distribution Playbook, which goes like this:

Day One: Social amplification

Post on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook.

Day Two: Native channel amplification

Publish the piece as a Medium article and LinkedIn article.

Day Three: Community driven distribution

Drop your content in Slack, Facebook groups, industry forums, and Discord channels.

Publish your content in your industry’s communities.

Day Four: Newsletters and mixing things up

Share a link to your email list, reach out to your network, promote internally to your company.

Day Six: Influencer outreach

Reach out to newsletters or influencers in your industry. Engage a TikToker to create content about the asset.

Day Seven: Repurposing

Repurpose your piece for a YouTube video, Instagram carousel or Story, or to every other channel that makes sense for your niche.

As you can see, the promotion opportunities are endless.

The only way to get a higher ROI on your content effort is to share your work everywhere… so don’t skip this part. It’s too important.

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