TikTok and Google Want You to Shop

Go where the money is: shopping. That is what TikTok and Google are doing with their latest updates.


We now have a better idea of what TikTok Shops will look like. You will be able to not only sell your own items, but also earn commissions by promoting other people’s products (i.e., affiliate marketing).


The search engine is testing the addition of more shopping features to its search results. Do you want to buy jeans? According to Google, you might be interested in knowing:

  • What blogs had to say about the best jeans in the market currently
  • What stores people frequent when they want to buy jeans
  • Similar products to the jeans you’re looking for

These are the top three features that Google is currently testing.

Although we don’t know which ones will be available to everyone, one thing is certain: as time goes on, Google and other large platforms will ask their users to shop more.

That’s not such a bad thing if you’re into e-commerce.

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