Video Sales Letters (VSL) Conversions – Speakers on Camera, or Text-on-Screen?

Video Sales Letters (VSL) Conversions - Speakers on Camera, or Text-on-Screen?

Russel Ruffino recently asked this question in the Nothing Held Back group, and the responses were both fascinating and useful.

Here are our favorites:

Text slides and B-roll footage

Mike Pavlish pointed out that text slides and one-person camera setups can quickly bore the viewer.

In his experience writing 200+ video sales letters (VSLs) for health supplement offers, he found that what converts best is a professional narrator speaking alongside rapidly changing footage (known as B-roll).

This creates a more engaging, movie-like experience, which hooks the viewer.

Who’s on camera?

Russell Brunson said it depends on who’s on camera. 

Scott Phillips confirmed his opinion, saying that after he took acting lessons, the conversion rate of his video sales letters jumped by 30%.

Perceptions and VSL Success

And Alen Sultanic pointed out, too, that how viewers prejudge the person on camera also affects viewership and conversion rates.

Sultanic went on to say that copy only accounts for 20% of the results. The scene, the background, the tonality, outfit, look, and charm of the speaker all play a big role in the conversion rate.

On the other hand… Russ Reynolds said scripted Zoom meetings worked well in the financial space.

Podcast VSLs

Reynolds’s tip fits a type of video sales letter we’ve seen a lot lately: Podcast VSLs.

This type of VSL works because it looks and sounds like content, which can also keep users engaged.

Our takeaway?

As with every marketing question… It depends!

If your business has a charismatic frontman, then you’ll have more success putting them on camera.

If not, you might have to hire a professional speaker and pair their voice with a B-roll sequence.

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