The 4A Framework – How to Come Up with Content Ideas

The 4A Framework - How to Come Up with Content Ideas

If you struggle to come up with content ideas, Dickie Bush came up with a simple framework that will help.

It’s called the 4A Framework, and the idea is to create content based on one topic using four different angles:

  • Actionable: This is tactical content where readers gain insights they didn’t have before in the form of tips, hacks, curation, resources, and guides.
  • Analytical: Support your core idea with numbers and analysis. The goal is to help readers unlock a new way of thinking using trends, numbers, teardowns, and examples.
  • Aspirational: Motivate readers and help them understand what is possible. You can do this by using stories, biographies, lessons, advice to past-self, personal stories, mistakes, and so on.
  • Anthropological: Help readers understand the current state of things. Explore common fears, failures, struggles, and comparisons.

Dickie offers a real-life example of the 4A Framework.

If the topic is money or personal finance, we have:

  • Actionable: “I Will Teach You To Be Rich.”
  • Analytical: “The Changing World Order.”
  • Aspirational: “Rich Dad, Poor Dad.”
  • Anthropological: “The Psychology of Money.”

But you can take it even further by mixing these angles.

Viral content is usually a combination of two or more angles:

  • Actionable + Analytical: “I’ve studied 100+ Landing Pages. Here’s why each one works.”
  • Aspirational + Anthropological: “I used to have a terrible relationship with money. Here’s how I fixed it.”
  • Aspirational + Actionable: “I’ve made millions of dollars investing in Bitcoin and Ethereum. Here’s how you can too.”
  • Analytical + Anthropological: “Studies show Bitcoin adoption is accelerating. But here’s why the case for why Bitcoin has less to do with technology and more with failing governments.”

There you go. Once you know this system, you’ll realize that most of the content out there reflects this framework.

We hope you enjoyed this “actionable” piece!

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