3 Copywriting Formulas Will Instantly Upgrade Your Copy

3 Copywriting Formulas Will Instantly Upgrade Your Copy

Selling is both an art and a science.

Today, let’s talk about the science.

Normally you can’t “template” your copy, but… there are a few basic formulas that can give your website or landing page copy an instant facelift.

Here they are:

Before-After-Bridge (BAB) formula

This formula uses the power of transformation, plus a logical bridge to give context.

Here’s an example:

  • Normally it takes hours to catch up on marketing news. With [Newsletter Name], it takes 7 minutes. We look through 500+ pieces of news, five days a week, to serve you with the stuff that’ll make you a smarter marketer.

Feature-So-Benefit formula

Lead with the feature, use a word like “that” or “so,” then write the benefit.

Here’s an example:

  • [Newsletter Name] curates the most important marketing news 5 days a week so you can become a smarter marketer in just 7 minutes a day.

Timeframe-Result-Without formula

Be specific about the timeframe, be specific about the result, and then wrap it up with a phrase like “without” or “even if.”

For example:

  • Become a smarter marketer in 7 minutes per day without having to sort through old news and bad information.

There you go… science!

We’ve got a couple dozen more of these formulas in our back pocket, so if you enjoyed this section, let us know and we’ll write more in the future.

For now, get out there and start writing A-list copy.

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