5+ Drawbacks of Automation Software

Yes, automation software is awesome.

But being too dependent on automation can have unfortunate and sometimes even fatal consequences for your business.

There are six main dangers you should pay attention to when using automation.

Downside of Automation Software

#1 Automated Bidding

While it’s convenient to let an algorithm do all the bidding, don’t leave this feature unattended.

Lack of human input and the wrong automated bidding strategies have cost companies countless dollars.

Make sure yours is not one of them.

#2 Setting and forgetting

Your automation software is like another employee and you should treat it as such — especially in an ever-changing industry like digital marketing.

Make sure your tools are constantly optimized for best performance and up to date with the current marketing trends.

#3 Automated messaging

Companies short on time and money usually rely too heavily on automated messaging.

However, with these tools there’s always the danger of sending too many messages, irritating customers, and even slowing down website performance.

#4 Losing brand voice

Relying too much on automation can make your brand message feel inhuman — or worse, out of touch with your customer.

Never run ads, creative assets, customer support, or sales messages without editing them carefully — or hiring a copywriter or editing to look them over for you.

#5 Vanity metrics

Some automated metrics look cool but actually don’t mean much. Stay on top of your real return on investment (ROI) and return on ad spend (ROAS) at all times to avoid unpleasant performance surprises.

#6 Automating non-automated stuff

Very important things like cybersecurity, customer engagement, and social media posts should never be automated, even if they can be.

Just… don’t do it.

Long story short, use automation as a tool…

But don’t rely on it too heavily.

All tools require skill and maintenance to use them well, and automation is no different.


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