3 Advanced Email Flows to Boost Your Store Conversions

3 Advanced Email Flows to Boost Your Store Conversions

Abandoned cart. Welcome sequence. Discount flows.

Most e-commerce stores run basic email flows like these.

But if you want to pull even more sales from your list, we recommend setting up three advanced flows.

Let’s check them out.

Pre-VIP flow

Maybe you’re already running an email flow to reward customers with VIP status… to recognize customers who purchased four times, for example.

If you want to take your reward program to the next level, set up a pre-VIP flow to nudge customers who are “on the fence.”

For example, you might send an email to customers who bought three times and tell them they’re just one purchase away from enjoying the benefits of your VIP program.

Expected next order flow

Based on purchase data, you can define an expected date for the next purchase. For example, “30 days after the first order.”

Use this data to create a flow that prompts customers to buy.

Site abandonment

Engage with customers that are active on your website, and send one email 12 hours after they abandon your site.

Send the second one 22 hours later.

Here are the filters that we suggest for this setup

  • Checkout started 0 times since starting this flow.
  • Placed order 0 times since starting this flow.
  • Viewed product zero times since starting this flow.
  • Added to cart 0 times since starting this flow.
  • Has not been in this flow in the last 30 days. Or, if you prefer, you can set it to 45 days, or only send it once.

Email flows are a great way to win new sales and engage your subscribers.

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