How to Network on Social Media

social media networking

Big deals used to happen over whiskey and cigars in five-star New York restaurants.

Today? They happen over Twitter DMs and inside LinkedIn private messages… well, at least some of the time.

Truth is, smart social media networking can connect you with great people: Clients, customers, and business partners.

But you don’t want to be the guy who copy-and-pastes the same DM to every account you come across.

Here are a few tips for effective networking on social media

Create familiarity before messaging

Try commenting on somebody’s posts for a few weeks before sending them a message.

If they recognize your face, they may be more likely to respond.

Know the difference between straightforward and salesy

You should always provide context for why you’re sending a message.

Use a tone similar to a luxury suit tailor rather than an aggressive street vendor.

Try a few different angles to learn what works for you

There are three common angles for cold messaging on social media: asking a question, suggesting a value add, or going straight for the sell – usually by asking somebody to book a call. Find what works for you.

One thing to keep in mind

When you network, you’re obviously doing it in the hopes of making money in the near future.

But that shouldn’t be obvious in your message.

Remember, social media is about being social.

So be friendly and valuable above all else.

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