How to Turn Lost Customers into Big Profits with Direct Mail

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Leonardo Plebani made $53,900 in sales from lost customers by… sending them direct mail.

Yes, you read that right. Old-school direct mail services.

Leonardo talked about it in the Facebook Ads Experts Academy Facebook Group.

And his case study is worth looking at.

So let’s go…

Usually when customers stop purchasing and unsubscribe, it means they’re gone

And if they purchased more than 180 days ago, you can’t re-target them with Facebook Ads.

But you still have their physical address, right?

Leonardo did.

So he split lapsed customers into two segments and sent each segment 4″x 6″ postcards.

Here’s what happened:

Segment 1: “Unsubscribed Non-Engaged Customers 30 days,” Orders = 1

  • Pieces sent: 3,513
  • Revenue: $25.8k
  • ROI: 1,246.6%

Segment 2: “Unsubscribed Non-Engaged Customers 30 days,” Orders > 1

  • Pieces sent: 867
  • Revenue: $28.1k
  • ROI: 5,485.0%

Those are juicy numbers… Not only that, Leonardo got customers back in his email marketing system.

There’s one more essential step

You must create an offer they can’t refuse.

Going back with the same old promos won’t move the needle.

When creating your offer, keep these points in mind:

  • The more time has passed since the last purchase, the more aggressive the offer needs to be.
  • If they purchased from you more than once, the offer should be less aggressive.

There you go: Old school tactics for bringing customers back online… literally!

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