How to Find A Marketing Message That Works

How to Find A Marketing Message That Works

A marketer named Matt Epstein has scaled two separate companies, Rippling and Zenefits, from $0 to $10M ARR.

He did it with a straightforward, repeatable process that he details in this YouTube video.

How to Reach $10 million ARR on a Shoestring Budget

While Matt’s complete process is too complex to feature in this newsletter section, he mentions one marketing tactic we want to highlight: Testing your messaging.

Too often, marketers go live with one or two messaging angles they settled on but never tested, dumping money into ads that don’t position the product well…

And don’t perform well, either.

To fix this, Matt suggests the following:

Create as many angles as you can

The more messages you can test, the better.

Say you’re selling a high-end razor.

You could test the phrase “smoother skin” against the phrase “better shave,” for example.

The purpose is to generate as many ideas as possible.

Run ads for those ideas on Google and Facebook

Matt’s process is simple: Test those ideas against each other.

Figure out what people are actually clicking on. It might not be what you expect.

Double down on what works and immediately cut what doesn’t

Moving slowly can kill the success of your marketing.

When you find something that works, follow it.


This is a simple idea, and you may already be doing this.

But if you’re not, try it. Test as many ideas as you can against a real audience.

You’ll hone the messaging angle that actually works with customers – and build a stronger brand in the process.

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