Marketing is Changing: 3 New Ad Formats [Replace Dying Tactics]

Marketing is Changing: 3 New Ad Formats

All marketing follows the law of bad clickthroughs.

In other words, over time, marketing channels that used to be fresh and exciting lose their novelty and get the same poor clickthrough rates that turned off marketers from the last “big thing.”

This is happening before our very eyes

Facebook Ads are becoming less effective.

Email open rates are declining.

Fewer people watch cable TV with many more moving to YouTube and OTT platforms.

And traditional success is getting difficult to maintain.

But there’s good news

There are always up-and-coming growth channels and the hottest new ad formats.

Here are our favorite new ad formats

YouTube audio ads

A feature launched back in 2020 (and still in beta), audio ads can be a fresh way to sidestep the frustrating results you’ll often see with video ads.

Reddit Conversation Placement ads

You know how you’ll sometimes Google for product reviews, then add ‘reddit’ to the end to find lots of opinions from real people?

Reddit Conversation Placement ads let you show ad placements on individual posts, which means you can target the ones that rank for your conversion-related keywords.

Microsoft Advertising

Don’t underestimate Microsoft’s reach.

Microsoft ads now reach 1 billion people worldwide.

And costs per click (CPCs) on Bing are consistently lower than Google.

Plus, they’ve introduced new multi-media ad formats. If you want something non-traditional with lots of upside, look to Microsoft.

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