How to Come Up with Better Video Ads

How to Come Up with Better Video Ads

Your creatives are among the biggest levers in your campaigns, so it’s essential to have a process for creating quality ones.

And if you don’t have a process yet, this article can help you create one.

Let’s take a look.

1) Find creators that fit your demographic

There are different ways to do this:

  • Study the competition.
  • Ask your customers if they’re willing to create content in exchange for products or money.
  • Use agencies or platforms that provide user-generated content (UGC).

Keep in mind that you’ll need multiple creators, likely with different looks, demographics, personas, etc.

Otherwise, your ads will eventually get creative fatigue and it will be hard to scale.

2) Once you have a list of creators, fill out a creative brief

This includes key talking points, guidelines like where and how to record videos, brand guidelines, video length, assets needed, and editing guidelines.

Once you have a list of creators, fill out a creative brief

3) Create a storyboard to draft the content

Use a format like this one:

  • Address the problem. You have different options here: you can start with a mashup of problems, have a testimonial describing the problem, or give the top 3 problem pain points.
  • Describe (or show) the pains and emotions that the problem creates.
  • Present the solution.
  • Call to action (CTA).

Create a storyboard to draft the content

Other options you can include in the storyboard

  • UGC type. Unboxing, “TikTok made me buy,” website or ordering process, X number of reasons why to buy X, the best thing about X, problem → solution, meet this product, and “I wish I knew about X sooner.”
  • Content layout. Chronological, reverse-chronological, problem → solution, aesthetically pleasing, etc.
  • Whether you need different hooks, lengths, or other iterations.
  • Intro content, or the hook.
  • Outro content like CTA, animation, graphic screen, etc.

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