How to Optimize your Amazon Listings (and make more sales)

How to Optimize your Amazon Listings (and make more sales)

In 2020, Aftab generated 4,566 sales on Amazon with his mattress business.

Last year he generated 9,453.

The secret to his success? Optimizing his Amazon product listings.

In particular, high-conversion listings.

How to write effective, high-converting Amazon product listings

1) Keywords

Find out what keywords your customers use to look for your products and what keywords your competitors target.

You’ll have three keywords categories:

Primary keywords

These are the most relevant keywords to your product.

Add them to the product title and description.

Backend keywords

These are built into the product listing, but do not show up in the description.

Secondary keywords

These go into your product description.

2) Content for product listing

You want to create content that engages and converts visitors.

Here are the content types to focus on:

Product titles

You can follow the Brand + Item + Item Details format to write your product titles.

This is where you will include your primary keywords.

Bulleted lists

This is where you highlight your product features.

The key, however, is to explain the benefit of each feature, and show how it helps the customer.

Product description

Use all the space allowed, but don’t overwhelm users with too much information.


Use high-quality photos of your product.

You can also leverage infographics or photos of people using the product.

3) Encourage positive reviews

The secret to getting positive Amazon reviews is… Well, having a high-quality product. Yep, easier said than done.

But there are a few other things you can do to get more Amazon reviews:

  • Use product inserts to encourage customers to leave a review. Also, take the opportunity to plug your social media pages.
  • Build a social media presence and email list so you can contact customers directly and ask them for reviews.
  • Get more attention by enrolling your product into the Amazon Vine program.

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